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CompTIA Project+ PK0-004 Exam Questions and Answers – 5

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CompTIA Project+ PK0-004 Exam Questions and Answers

Exam Question 491

Before a team can start on a sprint, they will need to:

A. create a set of iterations to work on and prioritize.
B. generate an icebox of work items to review.
C. review the backlog of work items to prioritize.
D. take client requirements and draft them into a task list
Correct Answer:
A. create a set of iterations to work on and prioritize.

Exam Question 492

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has announced that the hardware division will be sold to another company.
The sale of this division is an example of which of the following?

A. Outsourcing
B. Relocation
C. Business process change
D. Business merger
Correct Answer:
D. Business merger

Exam Question 493

Which of the following are the BEST risk analysis tools to determine a project’s risk level? (Choose two.)

A. Fishbone diagram
B. RACI matrix
C. Monte Carlo
D. Process flowchart
E. Expert judgment
F. Project dashboard
Correct Answer:
C. Monte Carlo
E. Expert judgment

Exam Question 494

Due to a lack of adherence to the risk response plan, there are numerous safety concerns within the scope of a building project.
Which of the following MOST likely explains this issue?

A. Risks were not identified.
B. Risks were not mitigated.
C. Risks were not exploited.
D. Risks were not communicated.
Correct Answer:
D. Risks were not communicated.

Exam Question 495

A primary work location is unsafe due to a gas leak. The project manager has implemented the business continuity plan and authorized relocation to an alternate site.
Which of the following should be notified?

A. Sponsor
C. Affected team members
D. Project team
Correct Answer:
C. Affected team members

Exam Question 496

Tasks B and D start after Task A is completed. Task C starts after Tasks B and D are completed. task E starts after Task D is completed. Task H starts after task
B is completed. Task G starts after Tasks C and H are completed. Task F starts after Task E is completed.
Following are the durations of all tasks:
Following are the durations of all tasks

A. Four weeks
B. Two weeks
C. Six weeks
D. Three weeks
E. Seven weeks
F. One week
G. Two weeks
H. Nine weeks

Which of the following tasks are on the critical path?

A. A, D, C, G
B. A, B, H, G
C. A, D, E, F
D. A, B, C, G
Correct Answer:
B. A, B, H, G

Exam Question 497

A project team has completed a major deliverable earlier than planned and wants to deliver it for testing. The team lead sends an email providing notice of task completion to the project manager.
Which of the following describes how the project manager can increase the likelihood that the deliverable moves to testing?

A. Send an email to quality assurance and copy the project team.
B. Call a meeting to hand off the deliverable to quality assurance.
C. Hold a conference call to a review the next deliverable with the project team.
D. Send an email to the project sponsor and copy the project team.
Correct Answer:
A. Send an email to quality assurance and copy the project team.

Exam Question 498

At a project kickoff meeting, several team members acted unprofessionally. The project manager would like to set expectations for team interaction. Which of the following would BEST accomplish this?

A. Team contract
B. Corrective action plan
C. User acceptance policy
Correct Answer:
A. Team contract

Exam Question 499

A critical issue has developed in an active project, and the project manager wants to notify the 20-person global project manager use FIRST to relay this information?

A. Individually call all project team members.
B. Send an email to all project team members.
C. Schedule a conference call.
D. Schedule a face-to-face meeting.
Correct Answer:
C. Schedule a conference call.

Exam Question 500

Which of the following represents additional unauthorized requirements from the client?

A. Scope creep
B. Changing scope baseline
C. Change request
D. Gold plating
Correct Answer:
A. Scope creep

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