Is your business really customer-centric? Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences

Customers have an abundance of choice and businesses need to find a way to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Customer experience is quickly becoming those defining criteria. While price and quality play a significant role in purchasing decisions, it is by no means the only consideration. 65% of UK buyers say that customer experience helps […]

How Marketers Confront the Obstacles of Digital Customer Engagement

Based on responses from over 100 marketers worldwide, working at companies with at least 1,000 employees in various industries, the report overwhelmingly found that despite a desire by marketers to confront the obstacles of digital customer engagement, they still struggle with the basics. Key findings include: One-third of companies report poor data analytics as an […]

The Future of Mobile Messaging: AI-Powered Conversations, Deep Data Insights and App-Like Experiences

Mobile messaging has become an invaluable communication channel for brands and consumers in recent years – but we’ve barely scratched the surface of its potential. The next few years will see an influx of CX innovation that will usher in a new era of empathetic interactions. This article, explains how this future is taking shape […]

5 Ways Leading Brands Are Mastering Digital Behavior and Expectation through Interactive

The digital interactions between a brand and its customers have become an instrumental part of their overall customer experience. Consumers now expect a seamless experience from every brand they interact with – across multiple digital and offline properties. Experience leaders like Netflix, Amazon and Uber set the tone for frictionless (maybe even enjoyable) digital brand-to-customer […]

Personalizing the User Experience for Better Customer Interaction and Engagement on Website

Adaptive Web: Eliminate the Guesswork to Generate More Sales Website personalization is crucial for any business committed to attracting, engaging, and converting more leads and empowers brands to own the customer journey from beginning to end. Unfortunately, delivering top-notch customized content can require an unsustainable amount of time and resources. The solution? Adaptive Web creates […]

Why Training, Change Management and User Buy-In Are Key to Deploy Omnichannel Technology

Overlooking the human element of new in-store technology is a leading reason many businesses fail to make changes to adapt to new market trends. Successful implementation requires stakeholders to consider the team of people who will be using the new technology. Implementation projects can be frustrating and costly for unprepared businesses. This guide shows how […]