Overcome the challenges in Continuous Testing to optimize DevOps

Businesses around the world are focusing on delivering a high-quality product in less time. There is a need to continuously develop and test the product before deployment. Continuous testing is helpful to accelerate the delivery but the developers and testers might face some issues in continuous testing. This white paper explains the challenges in continuous […]

NetFlow Deployment Implementation: Eliminate Risk, Reduce Programming Time, Cost and Complexity

Activating NetFlow requires significant development effort that costs money, time, and introduces human-error. Read on this solution brief, Reduce NetFlow Programming Costs and Complexity, to successfully implement NetFlow — and do it with ease. Drag and drop graphical user interface (GUI) makes it easy; no heavy programming No maintenance windows or Change Board approvals Eliminate […]

Unifying Analytics Platform Extends Open Source Technologies with Governance and Scalability

Don’t pick up that sledgehammer just yet! Not everyone at your organisation has to use the same programming language and tools. In fact, you can embrace their individual skill sets and preferences. How? With an open analytics platform. Read this article to learn how to: Provide access to analytics assets across divisions, even when diverse […]

5 Core Practices for How To Establish And Build Successful DevOps Team

As your organization progresses through its DevOps journey, what are the best practices that successful teams use that you should follow? Puppet and Splunk surveyed more than 3,000 participants and the findings reveal a set of core DevOps practices that are critical for mission success. Discover what separates successful DevOps teams from those that fail, […]

How to Move Fast, Delight Customers and Continually Innovate with API Product Mindset

APIs are much more than system integration technology. They are strategic assets that give companies speed and agility to satisfy ever-changing customer needs and gain a competitive edge. This article will give the teams responsible for API programs the strategic guidance and tools they need to establish an “API product mindset.” Explore how to design […]

Open Source Management Challenges, Best Practices and Key Goals in Development

When software is deployed continuously, composition analysis for quality, compliance, and security within code needs to be managed strategically. Ensuring that the benefits of open source are not outweighed by risks, software developers and corporate counsel must align around tools and practices to help manage their open source code responsibly to drive business value. Building […]

Addressing Security Challenges in Hybrid Cloud Computing Environments

Enterprises are increasingly using hybrid environments, but this move can come with risks and challenges especially for organizations adopting DevOps. How can hybrid environment security fit naturally into development processes? How can you secure your apps and services without compromising your schedule? (Hint: It’s all in the automation.) Enterprises are using hybrid cloud technologies to […]