How to Move Fast, Delight Customers and Continually Innovate with API Product Mindset

APIs are much more than system integration technology. They are strategic assets that give companies speed and agility to satisfy ever-changing customer needs and gain a competitive edge. This article will give the teams responsible for API programs the strategic guidance and tools they need to establish an “API product mindset.” Explore how to design […]

Open Source Management Challenges, Best Practices and Key Goals in Development

When software is deployed continuously, composition analysis for quality, compliance, and security within code needs to be managed strategically. Ensuring that the benefits of open source are not outweighed by risks, software developers and corporate counsel must align around tools and practices to help manage their open source code responsibly to drive business value. Building […]

Addressing Security Challenges in Hybrid Cloud Computing Environments

Enterprises are increasingly using hybrid environments, but this move can come with risks and challenges especially for organizations adopting DevOps. How can hybrid environment security fit naturally into development processes? How can you secure your apps and services without compromising your schedule? (Hint: It’s all in the automation.) Enterprises are using hybrid cloud technologies to […]

How API Management Secure and Protect within Connected Experiences

Today’s customers expect channels, whether physical or digital, to blend together into a cohesive connected experience. APIs help enterprises to not only meet customer expectations, but also participate in software ecosystems provide unprecedented opportunities for reach and economies of scale. But the popularity of APIs has also changed both how bad actors attack and what […]

Top 10 Reasons Why Agile Software Development Projects Fail

Agile software development project specifies a group of software development techniques based on constant development, where needs and results derive through collaboration between self constructing cross functional teams. Agile methods or agile approach basically promotes a disciplined project handling process that strengthen frequent inspection and adaptations. Several points are taken into consideration while going through […]