CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501) Exam Questions and Answers

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Question 551: Which of the following cryptographic attacks would salting of passwords render ineffective?

A. Brute force
B. Dictionary
C. Rainbow tables
D. Birthday

Question 552: An incident responder receives a call from a user who reports a computer is exhibiting symptoms consistent with a malware infection. Which of the following steps should the responder perform NEXT?

A. Capture and document necessary information to assist in the response.
B. Request the user capture and provide a screenshot or recording of the symptoms.
C. Use a remote desktop client to collect and analyze the malware in real time.
D. Ask the user to back up files for later recovery.

Question 553: Which of the following specifically describes the exploitation of an interactive process to access otherwise restricted areas of the OS?

A. Privilege escalation
B. Pivoting
C. Process affinity
D. Buffer overflow

Question 554: After a user reports stow computer performance, a systems administrator detects a suspicious file, which was installed as part of a freeware software package.
The systems administrator reviews the output below:

The systems administrator reviews the output below
The systems administrator reviews the output below

Based on the above information, which of the following types of malware was installed on the user’s computer?

B. Keylogger
C. Spyware
D. Worm
E. Bot

Question 555: When systems, hardware, or software are not supported by the original vendor, it is a vulnerability known as:

A. system sprawl
B. end-of-life systems
C. resource exhaustion
D. a default configuration

Question 556: Which of the following would MOST likely appear in an uncredentialed vulnerability scan?

A. Self-signed certificates
B. Missing patches
C. Auditing parameters
D. Inactive local accounts

Question 557: When identifying a company’s most valuable assets as part of a BIA, which of the following should be the FIRST priority?

A. Life
B. Intellectual property
C. Sensitive data
D. Public reputation

Question 558: An organization needs to implement a large PKI. Network engineers are concerned that repeated transmission of the OCSP will impact network performance. Which of the following should the security analyst recommend is lieu of an OCSP?


Question 559: An analyst is reviewing a simple program for potential security vulnerabilities before being deployed to a Windows server. Given the following code:

An analyst is reviewing a simple program for potential security vulnerabilities before being deployed to a Windows server
An analyst is reviewing a simple program for potential security vulnerabilities before being deployed to a Windows server

Which of the following vulnerabilities is present?

A. Bad memory pointer
B. Buffer overflow
C. Integer overflow
D. Backdoor

Question 560: A wireless network uses a RADIUS server that is connected to an authenticator, which in turn connects to a supplicant. Which of the following represents the authentication architecture in use?

A. Open systems authentication
B. Captive portal
C. RADIUS federation
D. 802.1x

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