CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501) Exam Questions and Answers

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Question 481: An organization is concerned about video emissions from users’ desktops. Which of the following is the BEST solution to implement?

A. Screen filters
B. Shielded cables
C. Spectrum analyzers
D. Infrared detection

Question 482: A security engineer is analyzing the following line of JavaScript code that was found in a comment field on a web forum, which was recently involved in a security breach:
<script src=></script>
Given the line of code above, which of the following BEST represents the attack performed during the breach?

C. DoS

Question 483: Which of the following serves to warn users against downloading and installing pirated software on company devices?


Question 484: An organization wants to set up a wireless network in the most secure way. Budget is not a major consideration, and the organization is willing to accept some complexity when clients are connecting. It is also willing to deny wireless connectivity for clients who cannot be connected in the most secure manner.
Which of the following would be the MOST secure setup that conforms to the organization’s requirements?

A. Enable WPA2-PSK for older clients and WPA2-Enterprise for all other clients.
B. Enable WPA2-PSK, disable all other modes, and implement MAC filtering along with port security.
C. Use WPA2-Enterprise with RADIUS and disable pre-shared keys.
D. Use WPA2-PSK with a 24-character complex password and change the password monthly.

Question 485: A first responder needs to collect digital evidence from a compromised headless virtual host. Which of the following should the first responder collect FIRST?

A. Virtual memory
B. BIOS configuration
C. Snapshot

Question 486: The exploitation of a buffer-overrun vulnerability in an application will MOST likely lead to:

A. arbitrary code execution.
B. resource exhaustion.
C. exposure of authentication credentials.
D. dereferencing of memory pointers.

Question 487: A security professional wants to test a piece of malware that was isolated on a user’s computer to document its effect on a system. Which of the following is the FIRST step the security professional should take?

A. Create a sandbox on the machine.
B. Open the file and run it.
C. Create a secure baseline of the system state.
D. Harden the machine.

Question 488: A security administrator found the following piece of code referenced on a domain controller’s task scheduler:
$var = GetDomainAdmins
If $var != ‘fabio’
SetDomainAdmins = NULL

With which of the following types of malware is the code associated?

B. Backdoor
C. Logic bomb
D. Crypto-malware

Question 489: An employee opens a web browser and types a URL into the address bar. Instead of reaching the requested site, the browser opens a completely different site. Which of the following types of attacks have MOST likely occurred? (Choose two.)

A. DNS hijacking
B. Cross-site scripting
C. Domain hijacking
D. Man-in-the-browser
E. Session hijacking

Question 490: A coding error has been discovered on a customer-facing website. The error causes each request to return confidential PHI data for the incorrect organization. The IT department is unable to identify the specific customers who are affected. As a result, all customers must be notified of the potential breach. Which of the following would allow the team to determine the scope of future incidents?

A. Intrusion detection system
B. Database access monitoring
C. Application fuzzing
D. Monthly vulnerability scans

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