CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501) Exam Questions and Answers

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Question 331: A security administrator is implementing a new WAF solution and has placed some of the web servers behind the WAF, with the WAF set to audit mode. When reviewing the audit logs of external requests and posts to the web servers, the administrator finds the following entry:

When reviewing the audit logs of external requests and posts to the web servers, the administrator finds the following entry
When reviewing the audit logs of external requests and posts to the web servers, the administrator finds the following entry

Based on this data, which of the following actions should the administrator take?

A. Alert the web server administrators to a misconfiguration.
B. Create a blocking policy based on the parameter values.
C. Change the parameter name ‘Account_Name’ identified in the log.
D. Create an alert to generate emails for abnormally high activity.

Question 332: A buffer overflow can result in:

A. loss of data caused by unauthorized command execution.
B. privilege escalation caused by TPM override.
C. reduced key strength due to salt manipulation.
D. repeated use of one-time keys.

Question 333: Which of the following is a compensating control that will BEST reduce the risk of weak passwords?

A. Requiring the use of one-time tokens
B. Increasing password history retention count
C. Disabling user accounts after exceeding maximum attempts
D. Setting expiration of user passwords to a shorter time

Question 334: Joe, a backup administrator, wants to implement a solution that will reduce the restoration time of physical servers. Which of the following is the BEST method for Joe to use?

A. Differential
B. Incremental
C. Full
D. Snapshots

Question 335: Which of the following development models entails several iterative and incremental software development methodologies such as Scrum?

A. Spiral
B. Waterfall
C. Agile
D. Rapid

Question 336: Which of the following are used to substantially increase the computation time required to crack a password? (Choose two.)

B. Substitution cipher
E. Diffie-Hellman

Question 337: A network administrator is brute forcing accounts through a web interface. Which of the following would provide the BEST defense from an account password being discovered?

A. Password history
B. Account lockout
C. Account expiration
D. Password complexity

Question 338: A security engineer wants to add SSL to the public web server. Which of the following would be the FIRST step to implement the SSL certificate?

A. Download the web certificate
B. Install the intermediate certificate
C. Generate a CSR
D. Encrypt the private key

Question 339: Which of the following is a major difference between XSS attacks and remote code exploits?

A. XSS attacks use machine language, while remote exploits use interpreted language
B. XSS attacks target servers, while remote code exploits target clients
C. Remote code exploits aim to escalate attackers’ privileges, while XSS attacks aim to gain access only
D. Remote code exploits allow writing code at the client side and executing it, while XSS attacks require no code to work

Question 340: A security analyst is doing a vulnerability assessment on a database server. A scanning tool returns the following information:
Database: CustomerAccess1
Column: Password
Data type: MD5 Hash
Salted?: No

There have been several security breaches on the web server that accesses this database. The security team is instructed to mitigate the impact of any possible breaches. The security team is also instructed to improve the security on this database by making it less vulnerable to offline attacks. Which of the following would BEST accomplish these goals? (Choose two.)

A. Start using salts to generate MD5 password hashes
B. Generate password hashes using SHA-256
C. Force users to change passwords the next time they log on
D. Limit users to five attempted logons before they are locked out
E. Require the web server to only use TLS 1.2 encryption

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