[Solved] How to Fix “Error Code: 1060” when Amazon Prime Video Streaming, Download and Playback

Some Amazon Prime Video users reported that the screen goes black, unable to stream and download video content. The Error Code 1060 appears after around 2 to 15 minutes, together with Retry and Cancel buttons. The same issue happens on PC, Android, Blu-ray players and a wide selection of smart TV as well. Below is […]

[Solved] How to Download Book Purchased from Google Books to Read Offline PDF without DRM

Is there any method to download purchased Google books and read them offline as pdf documents? If you have purchased books on Google Play, you may want to download the purchased Google books to transfer it to your eReaders or Tablets for a better reading experience. Since Google employs the DRM scheme to encrypt the […]

Modernizing Clinical Trials with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

While digitally transforming clinical research holds great promise, it is a complex undertaking. Managing the volume and variability of healthcare data is challenging for life sciences organizations looking to modernize clinical trials. From IoT to data management to high-performance computing and machine learning, leading life sciences organizations are using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to develop […]

Moving Workloads to AWS with Versent’s Yellow Brick Road

A pragmatic, real-world look at how we’ve helped organisations lay solid, organised foundations, move workloads into AWS and drive real business outcomes. Understanding your application and server landscapes is one of the most challenging components of moving to the cloud. Knowing what is important to your business is the key to successful cloud migration. Explore […]

Best practices for Modernizing Windows Application Workloads Using Containers on AWS

Servers are no longer a sustainable method to host complex, internet-based applications. One solution was virtual machines and microservices, however, those can be inefficient and difficult to scale with your applications. There had to be another way to simplify application deployment, without compromising scalability. For many, that solution was Docker — a user-friendly container deployment […]