Salesforce Certified Administrator ADM 201 Exam Questions and Answers (5)

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Question 481: What determines a unique User Record?

A. User Name
B. Standard Profile
C. Custom Profile
D. User Role

Question 482: It is possible for a User to own a record and not see it if they don’t have the Read Permission to the Object.

A. True
B. False

Question 483: What can a Task do that an Email Alert Cannot do? Choose 2 answers.

A. Tasks allow you to track the specific actions you plan to perform or have performed
B. Email Alerts cannot track specific actions.
C. Email Alerts allow you to track the specific actions you plan to perform or have performed
D. Tasks cannot track specific actions

Question 484: What do you need to specify when you schedule a report?

A. You need user with Marketing Profile to “Schedule Reports”
B. You need user permission to “Schedule Reports”
C. You need user to have a Manager Role
D. Click Run Report and choose Schedule Future Runs… from the drop-down button.

Question 485: In order to Enable Territory Management you should have:

A. Standard Profile
B. Customizable Forecasting
C. Enable Forecasting
D. All of the above

Question 486: What is a Managed Package?

A. A managed package is a collection of application components that are posted as a unit on AppExchange
B. They differ from unmanaged packages in that some components are locked, allowing the managed package to be upgraded later.
C. Allows the system Administrator to modify the application
D. Managed packages do not include locked components and cannot be upgraded

Question 487: Where will a Campaign associated with a Lead be visible? Choose 2 answers

A. Campaign Related List
B. Campaign History Report
C. Lead History Report
D. Opportunity Related List

Question 488: What needs to be specified to schedule a Report?

A. Objects
B. Date Range
C. Location
D. Frequency

Question 489: Which of the following does Salesforce CRM provide for restricting login access to the application? Choose 3 answers

A. Profile-based IP restrictions
B. Organization-wide IP restrictions
C. Profile-based login hour restrictions
D. Organization-wide login hour restrictionswrong

Question 490: Workflow Rules Consist of the following components:

A. Workflow Task
B. Workflow Outbound Message
C. Workflow Field Updates
D. Workflow Actions
E. Workflow Email Alerts

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