CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501) Exam Questions and Answers

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Question 181: Ann, a college professor, was recently reprimanded for posting disparaging remarks re-grading her coworkers on a web site. Ann stated that she was not aware that the public was able to view her remakes.
Which of the following security-related trainings could have made Ann aware of the repercussions of her actions?

A. Data Labeling and disposal
B. Use of social networking
C. Use of P2P networking
D. Role-based training

Question 182: When generating a request for a new x.509 certificate for securing a website, which of the following is the MOST appropriate hashing algorithm?

A. RC4
B. MD5

Question 183: The administrator installs database software to encrypt each field as it is written to disk.
Which of the following describes the encrypted data?

A. In-transit
B. In-use
C. Embedded
D. At-rest

Question 184: A network technician is trying to determine the source of an ongoing network based attack.
Which of the following should the technician use to view IPv4 packet data on a particular internal network segment?

A. Proxy
B. Protocol analyzer
C. Switch
D. Firewall

Question 185: The security administrator has noticed cars parking just outside of the building fence line.
Which of the following security measures can the administrator use to help protect the company’s WiFi network against war driving? (Choose two.)

A. Create a honeynet
B. Reduce beacon rate
C. Add false SSIDs
D. Change antenna placement
E. Adjust power level controls
F. Implement a warning banner

Question 186: A security administrator suspects that data on a server has been exhilarated as a result of un- authorized
remote access.
Which of the following would assist the administrator in con-firming the suspicions? (Choose two.)
A. Networking access control
B. DLP alerts
C. Log analysis
D. File integrity monitoring
E. Host firewall rules

Question 187: A company is deploying a new VoIP phone system. They require 99.999% uptime for their phone service and are concerned about their existing data network interfering with the VoIP phone system. The core switches in the existing data network are almost fully saturated.
Which of the following options will pro-vide the best performance and availability for both the VoIP traffic, as well as the traffic on the existing data network?

A. Put the VoIP network into a different VLAN than the existing data network.
B. Upgrade the edge switches from 10/100/1000 to improve network speed
C. Physically separate the VoIP phones from the data network
D. Implement flood guards on the data network

Question 188: Which of the following can be used to control specific commands that can be executed on a network infrastructure device?

B. Kerberos

Question 189: Six months into development, the core team assigned to implement a new internal piece of software must convene to discuss a new requirement with the stake holders. A stakeholder identified a missing feature critical to the organization, which must be implemented. The team needs to validate the feasibility of the newly introduced requirement and ensure it does not introduce new vulnerabilities to the software and other applications that will integrate with it.
Which of the following BEST describes what the company?

A. The system integration phase of the SDLC
B. The system analysis phase of SSDSLC
C. The system design phase of the SDLC
D. The system development phase of the SDLC

Question 190: A company is investigating a data compromise where data exfiltration occurred. Prior to the investigation, the supervisor terminates an employee as a result of the suspected data loss. During the investigation, the supervisor is absent for the interview, and little evidence can be provided form the role-based authentication system in use by the company.
The situation can be identified for future mitigation as which of the following?

A. Job rotation
B. Log failure
C. Lack of training
D. Insider threat

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