CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501) Exam Questions and Answers

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Question 141: An attacker uses a network sniffer to capture the packets of a transaction that adds $20 to a gift card. The attacker then user a function of the sniffer to push those packets back onto the network again, adding another $20 to the gift card. This can be done many times.
Which of the following describes this type of attack?

A. Integer overflow attack
B. Smurf attack
C. Replay attack
D. Buffer overflow attack
E. Cross-site scripting attack

Question 142: The data backup window has expanded into the morning hours and has begun to affect production users.
The main bottleneck in the process is the time it takes to replicate the backups to separate severs at the offsite data center.
Which of the following uses of deduplication could be implemented to reduce the backup window?

A. Implement deduplication at the network level between the two locations
B. Implement deduplication on the storage array to reduce the amount of drive space needed
C. Implement deduplication on the server storage to reduce the data backed up
D. Implement deduplication on both the local and remote servers

Question 143: A penetration testing is preparing for a client engagement in which the tester must provide data that proves and validates the scanning tools’ results.
Which of the following is the best method for collecting this information?

A. Set up the scanning system’s firewall to permit and log all outbound connections
B. Use a protocol analyzer to log all pertinent network traffic
C. Configure network flow data logging on all scanning system
D. Enable debug level logging on the scanning system and all scanning tools used.

Question 144: Which of the following best describes the initial processing phase used in mobile device forensics?

A. The phone should be powered down and the battery removed to preserve the state of data on any internal or removable storage utilized by the mobile device
B. The removable data storage cards should be processed first to prevent data alteration when examining the mobile device
C. The mobile device should be examined first, then removable storage and lastly the phone without removable storage should be examined again
D. The phone and storage cards should be examined as a complete unit after examining the removable storage cards separately.

Question 145: Ann a security analyst is monitoring the IDS console and noticed multiple connections from an internal host to a suspicious call back domain.
Which of the following tools would aid her to decipher the network traffic?

A. Vulnerability Scanner
D. Packet Analyzer

Question 146: The SSID broadcast for a wireless router has been disabled but a network administrator notices that unauthorized users are accessing the wireless network. The administer has determined that attackers are still able to detect the presence of the wireless network despite the fact the SSID has been disabled.
Which of the following would further obscure the presence of the wireless network?

A. Upgrade the encryption to WPA or WPA2
B. Create a non-zero length SSID for the wireless router
C. Reroute wireless users to a honeypot
D. Disable responses to a broadcast probe request

Question 147: After a merger, it was determined that several individuals could perform the tasks of a network administrator in the merged organization. Which of the following should have been performed to ensure that employees have proper access?

A. Time-of-day restrictions
B. Change management
C. Periodic auditing of user credentials
D. User rights and permission review

Question 148: Which of the following is the proper way to quantify the total monetary damage resulting from an exploited vulnerability?

A. Calculate the ALE
B. Calculate the ARO
C. Calculate the MTBF
D. Calculate the TCO

Question 149: A security administrator needs to implement a system that detects possible intrusions based upon a vendor provided list.
Which of the following BEST describes this type of IDS?

A. Signature based
B. Heuristic
C. Anomaly-based
D. Behavior-based

Question 150: The chief Security Officer (CSO) has reported a rise in data loss but no break ins have occurred.
By doing which of the following is the CSO most likely to reduce the number of incidents?

A. Implement protected distribution
B. Empty additional firewalls
C. Conduct security awareness training
D. Install perimeter barricades

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