Over 500 CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam Questions and Answers

Question 481: A network administrator needs to be able to burst datacenter capacity during peak times, but does not want to pay for on-premises hardware that is not used during off-peak times. Which of the following would aid in this scenario?

A. Public cloud
B. SaaS
C. PaaS
D. Hybrid cloud

Question 482: A user wants to secure a network closet and be able to tell if anyone makes changes in the closet. Which of the following would be the BEST detective physical security devices in this situation? (Choose two.)

A. Anti-tampering
B. Badges
C. Door locks
D. Key fob
E. Motion detection
F. Video surveillance

Question 483: A network technician needs to subnet the network. The marketing department has 28 devices. Which of the following private IP address spaces should be used to ensure the MINIMUM number of unused IP addresses?

A. Gateway:, Netmask:
B. Gateway:, Netmask:
C. Gateway:, Netmask:
D. Gateway:, Netmask:

Question 484: A technician restored network connectivity on a user’s laptop. After validating full system functionality, which of the following steps should the technician take NEXT?

A. Duplicate the problem, if possible
B. Determine if anything has changed
C. Test the theory to determine the cause
D. Document the findings, actions, and outcomes

Question 485: Which of the following protocols operates at Layer 4 of the OSI model?


Question 486: In the past, users brought personal laptops to the office to bypass some of the security protocols on their desktops. Due to new security initiatives, management has asked that users not be allowed to attach personal devices to the network. Which of the following should a technician use to BEST meet this goal?

A. Shut down unused ports on switches
B. Upgrade firmware on network devices
C. Allow only secure protocols on the network
D. Disable unnecessary services

Question 487: A network analyst is providing access to an FTP server that stores files that are needed by external contractors who are working on a project. In which of the following network locations should the FTP server be placed to achieve the MOST secure environment?

A. DMZ network
B. Server network
C. External network
D. Internal network

Question 488: The process of grouping network interfaces together to increase throughput is called:

A. VLAN tagging
B. load balancing
C. port aggregation
D. fault tolerance

Question 489: A network technician needs to install the latest firmware on the switch to address a recently discovered vulnerability. Which of the following should the technician do to have a rollback plan in case of issues with the new firmware? (Choose two.)

A. Label the switch with IP address and firmware version
B. Draw the switchport diagram
C. Create a change management document
D. Draw the network rack logical diagram
E. Confirm standard operating procedures documentation
F. Create a performance baseline of the switch

Question 490: Which of the following storage connection types should be used to allow the consolidation of the physical connections for SAN and LAN in just one Layer 2 protocol?

A. Fibre Channel
C. T1/E1

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