Over 500 CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam Questions and Answers

Question 41: A company has a web-based application that is used by many different departments. The company has experienced some overload of resources on the database server. The network administrator implements a network device in between the servers and the database. Which of the following BEST describes the purpose of this device?

A. Content filtering and network analysis
B. Load balancing and providing high availability
C. Port sniffing and protocol analysis
D. Clustering and NIC teaming

Question 42: Which of the following is a reason why a business may be hesitant to move sensitive data to a SaaS cloud service?

A. Decreased performance of internal network
B. Loss of full control over data resources
C. Increased malware exposure
D. Incompatibility with the current network

Question 43: Users have been experiencing slow network response times, and management has asked the network technician to provide evidence of network improvement. After optimizing the network, which of the following would be required?

A. IDF/MDF documentation
B. Change management
C. Performance baseline
D. Physical diagram

Question 44: A network technician has created a network that consists of a router, a firewall, a switch, and several PCs. Which of the following physical network topologies was created?

A. Star
B. Mesh
C. Ring
D. Bus

Question 45: A technician is setting up a branch office on a point-to-point connection. Which of the following IP network blocks is the MOST efficient use of IP address space for the router connections between the two sites?

A. /24
B. /25
C. /30
D. /32

Question 46: Which of the following protocols do MOST MITM attacks utilize?


Question 47: Which of the following devices, if implemented, would result in decreased administration time of an 802.11 network running centralized authentication services? (Choose two.)

A. VPN concentrator
B. Proxy server
C. Wireless controller
D. RADIUS server
E. Multilayer switch

Question 48: An administrator is moving to a new office. There will be several network runs through the ceiling area of the office. Which of the following is the BEST to utilize in these areas?

A. Single-mode fiber-optic cabling
B. Cat 5e-rated cabling
C. Cat 6-rated cabling
D. Plenum-rated cabling

Question 49: A telecommunications provider has just deployed a new OC-12 circuit at a customer site. While the circuit showed no errors from the provider end to the customer’s demarcation point, a network administrator is trying to determine the cause of dropped packets and errors on the circuit. Which of the following should the network administrator do to rule out any problems at Layer 1? (Choose two.)

A. Use a loopback at the demark and router, and check for a link light
B. Use an OTDR to validate the cable integrity
C. Use a pinout tester to validate the cable integrity
D. Use a multimeter to validate the cable integrity
E. Check for any devices that may be causing EMI on the cable
F. Clean the cables to be sure they are free of dust and debris

Question 50: A single PRI can deliver multiple voice calls simultaneously using which of the following Layer 1 technologies?

A. Time division multiplexing
B. Analog circuit switching
D. Time division spread spectrum

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