Over 500 CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam Questions and Answers

Question 21: Which of the following devices should a network administrator configure on the outermost part of the network?

A. Media converter
B. Switch
C. Modem
D. Firewall

Question 22: A technician is connecting a router directly to a PC using the G1/0/1 interface. Without the use of autosensing ports, which of the following cables should be used?

A. Straight-through
B. Console
C. Rollover
D. Crossover

Question 23: A network technician receives a call from a user who is experiencing network connectivity issues. The network technician questions the user and learns the user brought in a personal wired router to use multiple computers and connect to the network. Which of the following has the user MOST likely introduced to the network?

A. Rogue DHCP server
B. Evil twin
C. VLAN mismatch
D. Honeypot

Question 24: A technician is setting up a direct connection between two older PCs so they can communicate but not be on the corporate network. The technician does not have access to a spare switch but does have spare Cat 6 cables, RJ-45 plugs, and a crimping tool. The technician cuts off one end of the cable. Which of the following should the technician do to make a crossover cable before crimping the new plug?

A. Reverse the wires leading to pins 1 and 2
B. Reverse the wires leading to pins 1 and 3
C. Reverse the wires leading to pins 2 and 3
D. Reverse the wires leading to pins 2 and 4

Question 25: A network engineer wants to segment the network into multiple broadcast domains. Which of the following devices would allow for communication between the segments?

A. Layer 2 switch
B. Layer 3 switch
C. Bridge
D. Load balancer

Question 26: The Chief Information Officer (CIO) has noticed the corporate wireless signal is available in the parking lot. Management requests that the wireless network be changed so it is no longer accessible in public areas, without affecting the availability inside the building. Which of the following should be changed on the network?

A. Power levels
B. Overcapacity
C. Distance limitations
D. Channel overlap

Question 27: A network technician is assisting the security team with some traffic captures. The security team wants to capture all traffic on a single subnet between the router and the core switch. To do so, the team must ensure there is only a single collision and broadcast domain between the router and the switch from which they will collect traffic. Which of the following should the technician install to BEST meet the goal?

A. Bridge
B. Crossover cable
C. Hub
D. Media converter

Question 28: Based on networks and, which of the following is the BEST summarized CIDR notation?


Question 29: A technician discovers that multiple switches require a major update. Which of the following policies should be followed?

A. Change management policy
B. Remote access policy
C. Acceptable use policy
D. Memorandum of understanding

Question 30: When enabling jumbo frames on a network device, which of the following parameters is being adjusted?

A. Speed
B. Duplex

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