Over 500 CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam Questions and Answers

Question 471: A developer has asked a network engineer for a small network segment of five computers connected via a Layer 1 device, configured in a star topology, and segregated from the corporate network. Which of the following would BEST fulfill the developer’s request?

A. Connect the five PCs to a hub that is not connected to the corporate network.
B. Connect the five PCs to a switching router and assign the PCs to a separate VLAN.
C. Connect the five PCs to a hardware firewall that is connected to the router.
D. Connect the five PCs to a switch and configure the ports with implicit deny ACLs for outbound traffic.

Question 472: Which of the following additional capabilities does a next generation firewall provide beyond a standard network firewall? (Choose two.)

A. Application control
B. User identification
C. Network address translation
D. Virtual private networking
E. High availability
F. Access control rules

Question 473: A network team at a large company has received funding for a WiFi refresh. One of the requirements in the RFP is the new WLAN infrastructure must provide APs that support multiple streams of information at the same time. For which of the following WiFi features is the network team looking?

C. Channel bonding
E. Automatic channel selection

Question 474: A user has reported an issue with wireless VoIP phones dropping calls during business hours. When working late or in the evenings, the user does not experience call drops. When the network technician investigates the issue, all WAPs have balanced the number of connections evenly and are not dropping off the network. The network technician connects to the wireless network in the user’s office and starts a continuous ping to an external server. The results show a drastic and varied response time for each packet. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the dropped calls?

A. No QoS configured on the network
B. Signal-to-noise ratio
C. Interference from the microwave in the breakroom
D. Rogue AP installed in the office

Question 475: A network technician is investigating reports of blocked downloads from a firewall. Which of the following should be used to determine which protocols are being blocked?

A. Ping
B. Log review
C. Vulnerability scans
D. Alerts

Question 476: A network administrator is configuring a new Internet connection. The ISP provided a fiber-optic handoff, but the company’s firewall only supports copper Ethernet interfaces. The administrator wants to connect the devices as easily as possible. Which of the following would be the BEST way to provide the connectivity needed?

A. Bridge
B. Router
C. Multilayer switch
D. Media converter

Question 477: A brokerage firm requires high-speed network connectivity between several buildings in the financial district. Which of the following topologies would BEST meet this requirement?


Question 478: Which of the following is a policy that communicates the guidelines for connecting personal employee devices to the corporate network?

A. Remote access
E. Incident response

Question 479: Joe, a user, reports intermittent connectivity issues, but a technician notices that the only time Joe has issues is when he is logged into the database. Losing connection after authenticating to a database, but still having access to network resources such as file/print services and email, would MOST likely be caused by:

A. an incorrect DHCP gateway setting
B. a duplicate IP address
C. NTP synchronization
D. ACL configuration

Question 480: An email server, which is called “Frederick,” has an IPv6 address of 2001:5689:23:ABCD:6A, but most users call it “Fred” for short. Which of the following DNS entries is needed so the alias “Fred” can also be used?


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