Over 500 CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam Questions and Answers

Question 441: A technician has received a report that details the need for a patch and a complete list of the affected systems. Which of the following activities MOST likely generated the report?

A. Port enumeration
B. Baseline review
C. Vulnerability scanning
D. Packet analysis

Question 442: An employee, who is using a laptop connected to the wireless network, is able to connect to the Internet but not to internal company resources. A systems administrator reviews the following information from the laptop:
The administrator was expecting to see a network address within, which is consistent with the company’s wireless network. The network administrator verifies the company’s wireless network is configured and working properly. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue?

A. Interference
B. Security type mismatch
C. Wrong SSID
D. Channel overlap

Question 443: A human resources manager notifies the IT manager the night before an employee will be terminated so the employee’s access rights can be removed. Which of the following policies is being exercised?

A. Privileged user agreement
C. Non-disclosure agreement
D. Offboarding

Question 444: Which of the following BEST describes the characteristics of a differential backup solution?

A. Backs up files with the creation or modified date as the current date.
B. Backs up all files and sets the archive bit.
C. Backs up files with a date earlier than today’s date with a clear archive bit.
D. Backs up files with the archive bit set but does not clear the bit.

Question 445: A technician has been asked to diagnose problems with DHCP addressing on a VLAN. The DHCP server responds to pings from the technician’s machine. Which of the following should the technician use to help diagnose the problem?

A. Packet sniffer
B. netstat
C. nslookup
D. Spectrum analyzer

Question 446: Which of the following allow for higher fault tolerance, availability, and performance across multiple systems? (Choose two.)

A. Load balancer
B. Jumbo frames
C. Clustering
D. Round robin
E. TCP offloading

Question 447: A shop owner wants to ensure that only a specified group of devices can access the wireless network. Which of the following methodologies will BEST ensure unauthorized devices cannot consume the shop owner’s limited Internet bandwidth?

A. Disable the SSID broadcast.
B. Implement WEP authentication.
C. Change the WiFi password.
D. Activate MAC address filtering.

Question 448: Joe, a user, is having issues when trying to access certain web pages. Upon navigating to a web page, it seems like it connects, but then presents the following message: The security certificate presented by this website was not trusted by a trusted certificate authority. Joe has cleared his cache and cookies, rebooted his machine, and attempted to browse to the website from a coworker’s desktop, but it still presented with this error. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this error?

A. The web server is missing an intermediate certificate.
B. The website is missing an HTTPS certificate.
C. TLS is not enabled in the browser.
D. The SSL certificate has expired.

Question 449: A company’s web-based application has a database that is set up for high availability in case of a failure. Which of the following is necessary to achieve this type of setup?

A. A virtual IP pointing to the active DB
B. A static IP pointing to the passive DB
C. A private IP pointing to the web front end
D. A private IP pointing to the web proxy

Question 450: A network technician is reading a network diagram and looking for the edge router. Which of the following is MOST likely the symbol used for the router?

A. A circle with four outward arrows
B. A rectangle with two horizontal arrows
C. A square with two circular arrows
D. A triangle with three outward arrows

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