Over 500 CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam Questions and Answers

Question 391: Which of the following is used to define the duration during which a client can use an IP address?

A. MAC reservation
B. IP helper
C. Pool
D. Lease time

Question 392: A small company is requesting a quote to refresh its wireless network. The company currently runs 60 autonomous APs and has plans to increase wireless density by 50% in the near future. The requirements state that the chosen solution should significantly decrease the management overhead of the current wireless network. Which of the following should the vendors recommend in response to the quote request?

A. The use of lightweight APs with a load balancer
B. The use of autonomous APs with a wireless controller
C. The use of autonomous APs with a load balancer
D. The use of lightweight APs with a wireless controller

Question 393: A network support specialist is setting up wireless networks for several small companies that are leasing adjacent spaces in an office building. The network support specialist has already configured an access point for each office with WPA2-AES encryption and minimized any overlap of the wireless channels. Several of the companies have expressed concerns about performance and security issues due to the high volume of wireless networks being installed in close proximity. Which of the following actions will BEST mitigate the companies’ concerns?

A. Reduce the TX power on each access point.
B. Enable MAC address filtering on each access point.
C. Disable the SSID broadcast on each access point.
D. Enable AP isolation on each access point.

Question 394: Joe, a technician, is attempting to resolve an issue with an off-site router remotely. Joe needs to reset the WAN connection settings and wants to ensure he will have access to the router at all times to monitor the changes. Which of the following solutions would BEST meet this goal?

A. Use a secure SSH connection over the WAN link.
B. Telnet into the router over the company VPN.
C. Implement a modem on the AUX port.
D. Configure a DSL router to the console port.

Question 395: To achieve a more efficient and secure work environment, a company needs a way to control what is being accessed on the Internet using corporate resources. Which of the following devices should be used to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

A. Proxy server
C. Load balancer
D. Content filter
E. VPN concentrator

Question 396: Due to regulatory requirements, a college bookstore prohibits customers from accessing the wireless network in the building. Which of the following would be the BEST method to prevent customers from accessing the wireless network while in the bookstore?

A. Use MAC filtering for authorization to the wireless network.
B. Require PEAP for authentication to the wireless network.
C. Implement a Faraday cage within the bookstore premises.
D. Require a pre-shared key for authentication to the wireless network.

Question 397: Which of the following policies would be the MOST useful for defining the proper procedures when an employee is terminated abruptly?

A. Offboarding
B. Remote access
D. Incident response

Question 398: A technician wants to have the ability to transfer files from home to the company’s network on a regular basis. Which of the following is a remote access protocol the technician can utilize to bypass interactive user authentication by using a list of known host public keys?

D. Telnet

Question 399: A network technician is creating a diagram of network termination points in the building. The technician diagrammed the core network room and now needs to diagram the auxiliary network closets. Which of the following is the technician MOST likely going to add to the diagram?


Question 400: Allowing data to be centrally stored and accessed by multiple devices on an isolated subnet is BEST understood as:


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