Over 500 CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam Questions and Answers

Question 371: Which of the following physical security devices is used to prevent unauthorized access into a datacenter?

A. Motion detector
B. Video camera
C. Asset tracking
D. Smart card reader

Question 372: A technician is sent to troubleshoot a faulty network connection. The technician tests the cable, and data passes through successfully. No changes were made in the environment, however, when a network device is connected to the switch using the cable, the switchport will not light up. Which of the following should the technician attempt NEXT?

A. Modify the speed and duplex
B. Plug in to another port
C. Replace the NIC
D. Change the switch

Question 373: A university has a lecture hall containing 100 students. Currently, the lecture hall has two 802.11ac wireless access points, which can accommodate up to 50 devices each. Several students report they are unable to connect devices to the wireless network. Which of the following is MOST likely the issue?

A. One of the wireless access points is on the wrong frequency
B. The students are attempting to connect 802.11g devices
C. The students are using more than one wireless device per seat.
D. Distance limitations are preventing the students from connecting.

Question 374: A network engineer for a manufacturing company is implementing a wireless network that provides reliable coverage throughout the facility. There are several large, electric, motorized machines installed on the shop floor for automating the manufacturing process. These machines are known to be significant sources of RF interference. Which of the following frequencies should the wireless network use to MINIMIZE this interference?

A. 2.4 GHz
B. 56MHz
C. 5GHz
D. 900MHz

Question 375: Which of the following is created on a 48-port switch with five active VLANs?

A. 48 networks, five segments
B. 48 collision domains, five broadcast domains
C. 240 private networks
D. 240 usable IP addresses

Question 376: A network technician notices a router that repeatedly reboots. When contacting technical support, the technician discovers this is a known problem in which an attacker can craft packets and send them to the router through an obsolete protocol port, causing the router to reboot. Which of the following did the network technician fail to do? (Choose two.)

A. Generate new crypto keys.
B. Keep patches updated.
C. Disable unnecessary services.
D. Shut down unused interfaces.
E. Avoid using common passwords.
F. Implement file hashing.

Question 377: Which of the following is BEST for providing real-time equipment theft alerts to the security staff?

A. Biometric locks
B. Smart card reader
C. Asset tracking tags
D. Motion detection

Question 378: Which of the following devices would allow a network administrator to block an application at Layer 7 on the network?

A. Firewall
C. Router
D. Spam filter

Question 379: A network technician does not have access to the GUI of a server and needs to adjust some network properties. Given the command: route add mask metric 1
Which of the following is the technician attempting to alter?

A. The technician is clearing the route table.
B. The technician is adding a static IP address.
C. The technician is clearing the subnet mask setting.
D. The technician is setting the default gateway.

Question 380: Which of the following technologies should be used in high-throughput networks to reduce network overhead?

B. QoS tags
C. Port aggregation
D. Jumbo frames

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