Over 500 CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam Questions and Answers

Question 351: Which of the following protocols are classified as connectionless? (Choose two.)


Question 352: A junior technician is setting up a voice control device so the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will be able to control various things in the office. Of which of the following types of IoT technologies is this an example?


Question 353: A network administrator has created a new VLAN for the server and clients within the accounting department and wants to outline how it integrates with the existing network. Which of the following should the administrator create?

A. Logical diagram
B. Physical diagram
C. Rack diagram
D. Configuration diagram

Question 354: Which of the following would indicate that a circuit speed should be increased?

A. Low latency
B. Low bandwidth consumption
C. High number of SIEM alerts
D. High packet drops

Question 355: Which of the following BEST explains the purpose of signature management as a mitigation technique?

A. Hardening devices
B. Segmenting the network
C. Detecting malicious activity
D. Restricting user credentials

Question 356: A technician wants to physically connect two office buildings’ networks. The office buildings are located 600ft (183m) apart. Which of the following cable types is the BEST choice?

A. Cat 5e
B. Cat 6a
C. Multimode
D. Coaxial

Question 357: Which of the following should a network administrator use to configure Layer 3 routes? (Choose two.)

A. Multilayer switch
B. Firewall
C. Hub
D. Bridge
E. Modem
F. Media converter

Question 358: While logged into a financial application, a user gets errors when trying to write to the database. The network administrator is not familiar with the application and how it communicates with the database. Which of the following documentation types should the network administrator use to troubleshoot the data flow?

A. Logical diagram
B. Physical diagram
C. Network baseline
D. Change management log

Question 359: A network technician receives a request for a disaster recovery solution. Management has requested no downtime in the event of a disaster. Which of the following disaster recovery solutions is the appropriate choice?

A. Hot site
B. Business continuity
C. File backups
D. Virtual snapshot

Question 360: A network technician notices that most of the nodes in the address space return either 1 or 2 node hop after running a tracert; however, some of the new servers are showing a hop count larger than 10. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason for this?

A. New servers are being provisioned in the cloud.
B. Those servers have host-based firewalls.
C. Some of the servers are configured to use different gateways.
D. Part of the subnet is configured to use different VLANs.

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