Over 500 CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam Questions and Answers

Question 241: A network administrator wants to reduce the amount of time each user takes to log in to different systems in the network. Which of the following would reduce the time spent authenticating?

A. Kerberos
C. Certificate

Question 242: A network technician arrives at a remote office and is unable to connect a laptop to corporate resources using the wireless network. After checking the IP address, the network technician notices the assigned IP address does not belong to the corporate network IP scheme. Which of the following has the network technician discovered?

A. Evil twin
B. ARP poisoning
C. DHCP exhaustion
D. Social engineering

Question 243: Which of the following is an object held within an MIB?

D. SNMP host
E. SNMP agent
F. SNMP trap

Question 244: Which of the following storage network technologies has the HIGHEST throughput?

B. InfiniBand
D. OC3

Question 245: A network administrator is configuring the network for a new building. Which of the following is the number of hosts that will be supported on this network?

A. 510
B. 512
C. 1022
D. 1024
E. 2046
F. 2048

Question 246: At which of the following layers of the OSI model does compression occur?

A. Session
B. Transport
C. Data link
D. Presentation

Question 247: Users report that the network is slow. Upon investigation, the technician notices all users are on one large subnet. Which of the following devices should be used to break up broadcast domains?

A. Layer 2 switch
B. Layer 3 switch
C. Signal repeater
D. Bridge
E. Domain server

Question 248: Ann, a user, reports that her desktop phone is not working on one cable. However, that cable provides connectivity to her laptop. A technician determines PoE is not provided to the end device. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause?

A. Transceiver mismatch
B. Crosstalk
C. Jitter
D. Open/short on the cable

Question 249: A network technician has been asked to create secure private networks between a company’s headquarters and several branch locations. The company has provided the on-premises equipment, but each branch has a different ISP. Which of the following technologies should the technician consider using to accomplish this?

A. Site-to-site
B. Client-to-site
C. Point-to-point
D. Point-to-multipoint

Question 250: A department is reporting network issues. Users can ping each other and the switch, but not the default gateway. When looking at a wiring diagram and a physical blueprint, a technician notices the 1000BaseLX SFP connects to a distribution switch via a cable that runs behind a large industrial refrigerator. The technician also notices both switches have been worked on recently. Which of the following is MOST likely the issue?

B. TX/RX reverse
C. Open/short
D. Attenuation

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