Over 500 CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam Questions and Answers

Question 201: A WAP has been dropping off the network sporadically and reconnecting shortly thereafter. The Cat 5 wire connecting the access point is a long run of 265ft (81m) and goes through the business area and the mechanical room. Which of the following should the technician do to fix the AP connectivity issue?

A. Install a repeater to boost the signal to its destination
B. Replace the UTP cable with plenum cable.
C. Upgrade the cable from Cat 5 to Cat 5e.
D. Set the AP to half duplex to compensate for signal loss.

Question 202: A technician wants to configure a SOHO network to use a specific public DNS server. Which of the following network components should the technician configure to point all clients on a network to a new DNS server?

A. Router
B. Switch
C. Load balancer
D. Proxy server

Question 203: A corporate manager says wireless phones do not work properly inside the main building. After a troubleshooting process, the network administrator detects that the voice packets are arriving on the wireless phones with different delay times. Which of the following performance issues is the company facing?

A. Jitter
B. Latency
C. Attenuation
D. Frequency mismatch

Question 204: Which of the following technologies is used to attach multiple guest operating systems to a single physical network port?

A. Virtual switch
E. Fibre Channel

Question 205: A network technician is installing a new network switch in the MDF. The technician is using fiber to connect the switch back to the core. Which of the following transceiver types should the technician use?

D. F-type

Question 206: A technician has replaced a customer’s desktop with a known-good model from storage. However, the replacement desktop will not connect to network resources. The technician suspects the desktop has not been kept up to date with security patches. Which of the following is MOST likely in place?

C. Traffic shaping

Question 207: A network technician wants to gain a better understanding of network trends to determine if they are over capacity. Which of the following processes should the technician use?

A. Log review
B. Port scanning
C. Vulnerability scanning
D. Traffic analysis

Question 208: A remote user is required to upload weekly reports to a server at the main office. Both the remote user and the server are using a Windows-based OS. Which of the following represents the BEST method for the remote user to connect to the server?

B. Telnet

Question 209: At which of the following layers of the OSI model would TCP/UDP operate?

A. Layer 3
B. Layer 4
C. Layer 5
D. Layer 6

Question 210: A technician is troubleshooting a server in the finance office that hosts an internal accounting program. The ticketing desk has received several calls from users reporting that access to the accounting program is degraded, and they are experiencing severe delays, sometimes timing out entirely. The problem has been isolated to the server. Which of the following tools should the technician use on the server to narrow down the issue?

A. nslookup
B. iptables
C. pathping
D. netstat

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