Over 500 CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam Questions and Answers

Question 191: A technician arrives at a new building to find cabling has been run and terminated, but only the wall ports have been labeled. Which of the following tools should be utilized to BEST facilitate labeling the patch panel?

A. Tone generator
B. Cable tester
C. Multimeter
D. Loopback adapter

Question 192: Which of the following policies prohibits a network administrator from using spare servers in the datacenter to mine bitcoins?


Question 193: Which of the following technologies is used when multiple Ethernet adapters work to increase speed and fault tolerance?

A. Clustering
B. Load balancing
C. Redundant circuits
D. NIC teaming

Question 194: A network technician has finished configuring a new DHCP for a network. To ensure proper functionality, which of the following ports should be allowed on the server’s local firewall? (Choose two.)

A. 20
B. 21
C. 53
D. 67
E. 68
F. 389

Question 195: A network technician is reviewing switch ACLs to determine if they are causing communication issues with one PC. The PC’s IP address is Which of the following is the network range found in the ACL that could have affected this PC?


Question 196: A technician is installing two new servers that collect logs. After installing the servers, the technician reviews the logical output from various commands. Which of the following should be included in a logical network diagram?

A. Rack location
B. Room number
C. Media type
D. Hostname

Question 197: A few weeks after starting a new position, Joe, a junior network administrator, receives a call from an internal number asking for his username and password to update some records. Joe realizes this may be a type of attack on the network, since he has full access to network resources. Which of the following attacks is described?

A. Logic bomb
B. Social engineering
C. Trojan horse
D. Insider threat

Question 198: A technician has been assigned to capture packets on a specific switchport. Which of the following switch features MUST be used to accomplish this?

A. Spanning tree
B. Trunking
C. Port aggregation
D. Port mirroring

Question 199: Which of the following operate only within the UDP protocol?

A. Frames
B. Datagrams
C. Segments
D. Packets

Question 200: A network technician is troubleshooting a connectivity issue and determines the cause is related to the VLAN assignment on one of the access switches in the network. After resolving the issue, the network technician decides to update the documentation to refer to the correct VLAN. Which of the following should the technician update?

A. Physical diagram
B. Logical diagram
C. IDF documentation
D. Change management documentation
E. Incident réponse plan

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