Over 500 CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam Questions and Answers

Question 131: A company has just refreshed the hardware in its datacenter with new 10G Ethernet switches. A technician wishes to set up a new storage area network but must use existing infrastructure. Which of the following storage standards should the technician use?

B. Fibre Channel
D. InfiniBand

Question 132: A network technician needs to install a new access switch. After installing the new switch, the technician begins to move connections from the old switch to the new switch. The old switch used a GBIC with SC connectors, and the new switch uses an SFP with LC connectors. After connecting the SC connector to the SC-to-LC adapter and plugging it into the switch, the link does not come up as expected. Which of the following should a network technician perform NEXT?

A. Replace SFP with a new one.
B. Fall back to the old switch.
C. Transpose the fiber pairs.
D. Replace multimode with single-mode cable.

Question 133: A network technician is installing a new SOHO branch office that requires the use of a DOCSIS-compatible modem. The modem needs to be connected to the ISP’s network at the demarc. Which of the following cable types should be used?

B. Multimode
C. Coaxial
D. Serial

Question 134: A technician needs to order cable that meets 10GBaseT and fire safety requirements for an installation between a drop ceiling and a standard ceiling. Which of the following should the technician order to ensure compliance with the requirements?

A. PVC Cat 5
B. Plenum Cat 5e
C. Plenum Cat 6a
D. PVC Cat 7

Question 135: Which of the following physical security devices is used to detect unauthorized server room access?

A. Access badge
B. Biometrics
C. Smart card
D. Video surveillance

Question 136: A network technician recently installed a new server on a network. The technician must ensure the server does not have any unnecessary services running. The IP address of the server is Which of the following commands would allow the technician to make this determination?

A. nmap
B. pathping
C. route
D. nslookup

Question 137: Joe, an employee at a large regional bank, wants to receive company email on his personal smartphone and tablet. To authenticate on the mail server, he must first install a custom security application on those mobile devices. Which of the following policies would BEST enforce this requirement?

A. Incident response policy
B. BYOD policy
C. DLP policy
D. Remote access policy

Question 138: A technician is allocating the IP address space needed for a new remote office. This office will contain the engineering staff with six employees and the digital marketing staff with 55 employees. The technician has decided to allocate the block to the remote office. The engineering staff has been allocated the subnet. Using the LEAST amount of space possible, which of the following would be the last usable IP address in the engineering subnet?


Question 139: A web application is unable to authenticate customers so they can access their bills. The server administrator has tested the LDAP query but is not receiving results. Which of the following is the NEXT step the server administrator should take to correct the problem?

A. Check port 636 to see if it is being blocked.
B. Change service port 636 to port 389.
C. Restart the web server.
D. Verify the browser is using port 443.

Question 140: Which of the following is networking stand-alone hardware that will permit any WiFi-compliant device to connect to a wired network?

A. Wireless hub
B. Wireless firewall
C. Wireless access point
D. Wireless bridge

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