Common Technical Interview Questions and Answers Update on October 31, 2020

Question 81: Desired State Configuration is a feature in ___________ that helps administrators automate the configuration of Windows and Linux operating systems.

A. PowerShell

Question 82: What open source tool allows administrators to encode the configuration of a service as a policy?

A. Puppet
B. Open Vault

Question 83: What configuration management tool uses code packages called recipes to define how each managed node should be configured?

Question 84: What do employee engagement metrics try to measure?

A. an employee’s willingness to expend discretionary effort at work.
B. the number of days an employee calls in sick or leaves work early.

Question 85: What do members of a self-directed work team do?

A. work independently towards personal goals.
B. work collaboratively towards a common goal.

Question 86: ESS helps to create a positive work culture by giving workers direct control over their employment information. What does ESS stand for?

A. employee self-service
B. employment statistical services

Question 87: Which term describes a group of employees that have a statistical characteristic in common?

A. silo
B. cohort

Question 88: What type of service contract is based on an hourly rate plus the cost of parts?

A. service-level agreement
B. break-fix contract

Question 89: What type of backup will only copy files that have changed since the last full backup?

A. differential
B. incremental

Question 90: Which backup strategy requires at least two different types of storage media?

A. 3-2-1 backup
B. full backup

Question 91: Data ___________ is the process of restoring data that has been lost, accidentally deleted, corrupted or made inaccessible.

A. replication
B. recovery

Question 92: A storage ___________ holds data that is rarely altered but needs to be retained for a long period of time.

A. archive
B. pool

Question 93: What do you call a storage appliance that automatically moves data from on-premises storage to cloud storage?

A. cloud integrator
B. cloud controller

Question 94: Security ____________ refers to an organization’s overall cybersecurity strength and how well it can predict, prevent and respond to cyberthreats.

A. posture
B. appetite

Question 95: What is MITRE ATT&CK?

A. a knowledge base of cybersecurity attack techniques and tactics.
B. an advanced persistent threat that’s created by joining two different attack vectors.

Question 96: What do you call a cloud service that provides IT pros with the resources they need to conduct pen tests?

A. pen testing as a service
B. cloud pen testing

Question 97: What type of software testing seeks to learn whether changes to code have introduced defects?

A. smoke testing
B. regression testing

Question 98: Which approach to software testing puts focus on the post-production environment?

A. shif-left testing
B. shift-right testing

Question 99: What is a Wi-Fi Pineapple?

A. it’s a wireless platform for conducting penetration tests.
B. it’s a rogue wireless access point that masquerades as a legitimate hot spot.

Question 100: What does a filter bubble do?

A. limits what information an individual sees on the internet.
B. collects data to understand a customer’s feelings about a product or service.

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