Common Technical Interview Questions and Answers Update on October 31, 2020

Question 41: What is descriptive analytics?
A. a preliminary stage of data processing that creates a summary of historical data.
B. a summary of the frequency of individual values or ranges of values for a variable.
Correct Answer: A. a preliminary stage of data processing that creates a summary of historical data.

Question 42: Which software would you use to visualize data analytics and make it more understandable?
A. Visual Studio
B. Tableau
Correct Answer: B. Tableau

Question 43: OLAP enables users to selectively extract and query data and analyze it from different points of view. What does OLAP stand for?
A. online analytical processing
B. ordered levels of probability
Correct Answer: A. online analytical processing

Question 44: When marketers aggregate data from all customer touch points, what customer view are they trying to achieve?
A. 360 degrees
B. 180 degrees
Correct Answer: A. 360 degrees

Question 45: A golden record contains all the data from every SOR within a particular company. What does SOR stand for?
A. system of record
B. statement of reliability
Correct Answer: A. system of record

Question 46: What visual construct is used to illustrate the idea that every sale begins with a large number of potential customers — and ends with a much smaller number of people who actually make a purchase?
A. funnel
B. triangle
Correct Answer: A. funnel

Question 47: One major challenge carriers face with 5G is building out an adequate amount of _________to support 5G networks.
A. fiber optics
B. coaxial cable
Correct Answer: A. fiber optics

Question 48: Because 5G’s high-frequency signals can be blocked by common objects, engineers have to consider LOS during rollouts. What does LOS stand for?
A. limited outbound services
B. line of sight
Correct Answer: B. line of sight

Question 49: Wi-Fi 6 is the latest _______ technology.
A. wireless LAN
B. cellular
Correct Answer: A. wireless LAN

Question 50: Which technology can identify words spoken aloud and convert them into readable text?
A. speech recognition
B. speech synthesis
Correct Answer: A. speech recognition

Question 51: A mobile device’s VUI allows people to interact with it through voice commands. What does VUI stand for?

Correct Answer: voice user interface

Question 52: What is conversational commerce?
A. the use of voice technology to authorize the purchase of a product.
B. a type of e-commerce that seeks to involve people with similar tastes in an online shopping experience.
Correct Answer: A. the use of voice technology to authorize the purchase of a product.

Question 53: The terms “cloud service provider” and “managed service provider” can be used as synonyms as long as the provider’s service is delivered over the internet and supported by an SLA. What does SLA stand for?
A. service level agreement
B. software licensing agreement
Correct Answer: A. service level agreement

Question 54: It is not unusual for a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to adjust pricing for small clients who have a high ________________.
A. risk profile
B. risk appetite
Correct Answer: A. risk profile

Question 55: _______________ is considered to be one of the most crucial growth factors for MSPs during the pandemic.
A. security
B. compliance
Correct Answer: A. security

Question 56: What is a bill of materials?
A. It’s a comprehensive inventory.
B. It’s a claim for payment.
Correct Answer: A. It’s a comprehensive inventory.

Question 57: What do you call a formal proposal for an adjustment or alteration?
A. change request
B. request for proposal
Correct Answer: A. change request

Question 58: ERP is modular software designed to integrate the main functions of an organization’s business processes into a unified system. What does ERP stand for?

Correct Answer: enterprise resource planning

Question 59: What do you call a large collection of structured information that is organized so that it can be easily accessed, managed and updated?
A. data lake
B. database
Correct Answer: B. database

Question 60: What is a database’s structure called?
A. schema
B. array
Correct Answer: A. schema