Integrating Technology with Transportation

As transportation needs change, the systems used for planning, designing, managing, and operating must change with it. There is also the question of whether these changes should be made to accommodate new technology or whether the new technology should be developed in response to trends and feedback from stakeholders. This post examines transportation trends and […]

IT Managed Services Provider Resource Recommendation Update on February 27, 2021

Knowledge of terms to know What is Video Conferencing? Video conferencing is live, visual connection between two or more remote parties over the internet that simulates a face-to-face meeting. Video conferencing is important because it joins people who would not normally be able to form a face-to-face connection. At its simplest, video conferencing provides transmission […]

Top Note-Taking Apps for Students [2021]

Note-taking for college students has never been made easy like it is today. Using note-taking apps, students can quickly take notes during lectures, organize them later, store and share with fellow students. During group discussions, students can also take notes and share audio files, drawings, and images to make the discussion more engaging and interactive. […]

IT Managed Services Provider Resource Recommendation Update on February 19, 2021

Vistumbler is wireless network scanner for Windows that uses wireless and GPS data to map and visualize the access points around you. Steve on Security offers high-level, practical advice and information on security for Microsoft products. It’s the work of Steve Syfuhs, a senior developer on the Azure Active Directory team at Microsoft who was […]