Common Technical Interview Questions and Answers Update on October 31, 2020

Question 21: According to behavioral science journalist Dr. Daniel Goleman, what is the largest single predictor of success in the workplace?
A. emotional intelligence
B. leadership skills
Correct Answer: A. emotional intelligence

Question 22: Which term might a recruiter use to describe the perfect job candidate?
A. purple squirrel
B. unicorn
Correct Answer: A. purple squirrel

Question 23: What does a Certificate of Competency do?
A. verifies that the recipient is authorized to work on a specific government contract.
B. documents the job applicant has the correct IT certifications.
Correct Answer: A. verifies that the recipient is authorized to work on a specific government contract.

Question 24: Recruiters refer to job candidates who are not actively looking for new employment as ____________.
A. passive candidates
B. phreaks
Correct Answer: A. passive candidates

Question 25: Which word describes giving an employee training, but keeping him in the same role?
A. reskilling
B. upskilling
Correct Answer: B. upskilling

Question 26: Which term describes the pricing model that’s used in a should-cost analysis?
A. CPP (cost plus pricing)
B. value-based pricing
Correct Answer: A. CPP (cost plus pricing)

Question 27: What do you call the difference between what it costs to get a product to market and the price the provider charges for it?

Correct Answer: profit margin

Question 28: Which task would you create a procurement plan for?
A. selecting a vendor.
B. forecasting customer demand at a particular price point.
Correct Answer: A. selecting a vendor.

Question 29: A GWAC allows multiple government agencies in the U.S. to contract for goods or services together. What does GWAC stand for?
A. government-wide acquisition contract
B. generic Washington accounting collaborative
Correct Answer: A. government-wide acquisition contract

Question 30: What do you call a known state that’s used for comparisons?
A. baseline
B. inflection point
Correct Answer: A. baseline

Question 31: Which type of document provides a project manager with written authority to begin work?
A. project scope
B. project charter
Correct Answer: B. project charter

Question 32: What type of email attack targets a specific individual?
A. spear phishing
B. A2P messaging (application to person messaging)
Correct Answer: A. spear phishing

Question 33: A _________ is an installer that surreptitiously carries malicious software.
A. dropper
B. browser extension
Correct Answer: A. dropper

Question 34: Which term describes the unauthorized transfer of data from a computer?
A. data exfiltration
B. data extrusion
C. both a and b are correct
Correct Answer: C. both a and b are correct

Question 35: A __________ is a logical division of a hard disk that is treated as a separate unit by operating systems and file systems.

Correct Answer: partition

Question 36: What is scalability?
A. the capacity to be changed in size or scale and still function well.
B. the ability to balance two or more priorities successfully.
Correct Answer: A. the capacity to be changed in size or scale and still function well.

Question 37: A virtual appliance is an image file that consists of a pre-configured operating system environment and a single ___________.
A. application
B. partition
Correct Answer: A. application

Question 38: When an employee is ________ to work more often than they physically visit the office, they may also be referred to as a remote worker.
A. e-cycling
B. telecommuting
Correct Answer: B. telecommuting

Question 39: What do you call a mismatch between the technical knowledge an employer needs to meet business objectives and the capabilities of the organization’s employees?
A. skills gap
B. undercapitalization
Correct Answer: A. skills gap

Question 40: BPO is a business practice in which one organization hires another to perform work that the hiring organization requires to operate successfully. What does BPO stand for?
A. business process outsourcing
B. basic partner operations
Correct Answer: A. business process outsourcing