Gaming News Headline Updated on 22 Jan 2020

The headline on 22 Jan 2020 CAPTAIN TSUBASA: Rise of New Champions – Announcement Trailer. Arriving in 2020. Gamecard-Installer-NX v1.0.1 released. What’s next? Option to lower keygen of games. Option to disable music/sound effects in-app. Option overlay that shows these options. Improve gfx efficiency (cache everything as textures as much as possible to reduce constantly […]

Gaming News Headline Updated on 21 October 2019

The headline on 21 October 2019 Microids is now pushing toward an acceleration of its growth strategy and international expansion, diversifying its portfolio around 4 pillars: adventure games, racing games, retro gaming and licensed products. For this year, Microids have released Asterix & Obelix XXL3, Blacksad: Under the Skin, Tootuff Mega Party, Fort Boyard, Gear.Club […]