The Solution to Secure Across the 5 Stages of the IoT Security Lifecycle

The transformation opportunities in IoT-enabled enterprises are massive – but to reap the benefits of transformation, you need industry-leading security that reliably protects IoT. Conventional network security approaches aren’t equipped to address IoT devices’ unique security challenges. They fall short, only addressing one aspect of the security challenges brought on by the huge influx of […]

Cybersecurity News Headlines Update on October 16, 2020

Cyber Command’s TrickBot Disruption Efforts are “Precedent-Setting”. US Cyber Command’s efforts to disrupt the TrickBot botnet mark “the first public, obvious operation to stop someone’s cyber capability before it could be used against us to cause even greater harm,” according to Columbia University cyber conflict researcher Jason Healey. Cyber Command severed communication between infected machines […]

10 Best Security Applications for Android Devices

Studies reveal that up to 90% of Android-based smartphones, and tablets are vulnerable to hackers, frauds, and other malefactors. The reason is in rare security system updates. You can’t protect yourself from the Internet without disconnecting the device from it physically. However, critical data safety organization and maintenance are among the main tasks for everyone […]