Best Practice for Mobile Connectivity End-to-end IoT Security Solution

Security is one of the most significant barriers to IoT deployment, together with funding, interoperability, and the business model. Fraud is growing in this area, and industry leaders across the ecosystem agree that securing the IoT application is the only way to fully develop its business potential. The good news is that the vast majority […]

Cybersecurity News Headline Updated on 03 June 2020 – Customized Spear Phishing Attacks; Open Source Supply Chain Attack; DHS Cyber Essentials Toolkit, Forensic Breach Report, and more

The headline on 03 June 2020 Judge: Capital One Must Provide Lawyers With a Copy of Digital Forensic Breach Report. A US federal judge in Virginia has ordered Capital One to provide a copy of a forensic report regarding a data breach to attorneys who are suing the company on behalf of affected customers. The […]

How to Evaluate and Enforce NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) Security Compliance Standard in Cloud Environment

The National Institute of Standards and Technology Cyber Security Framework (NIST CSF) outlines leading business policies and technological requirements for managing risk. The framework consists of five concurrent and continuous functions: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover. This guide specifically focuses on key technological CSF requirements for four of the functions and explains how they […]

Beyond Services: Compliance Management and the Managed Security Practice

Organizations are often required to follow one or more compliance requirements, ranging from the protection and handling of personal information, such as financial information and healthcare, to financial reporting and electrical grid system security. Companies that do not adhere to compliance standards—whether inadvertently or on purpose—are subject to punishment, including steep fines and jail time. […]