Threat & Attack Surface Intelligence (ASI): See What Adversaries See and Stop Them in KNOW Time

Your IT and Security teams watch your network and web site 24/7. You invest thousands (conservatively) in firewalls, SIEMs, anti-malware, Intrusion Prevention/ Detection Systems (IPS/IDS), and other security tools that bombard you with alerts all day long. Yet attacks can still take you by surprise. In one recent example, the veteran hacktivist group Anonymous resurfaced […]

Solving MSSP Security Challenges in Post-COVID, Perimeterless World

In this new cloud-first, perimeter-less environment, organizations have struggled to find the right tools to provide the visibility and control they need to preserve innovation-fueled growth while mitigating risk. MSSPs need differentiated solutions to protect both their customers and their own networks. They need MSSPs to help them navigate the new landscape with advanced security […]

The State of Security and Information Event Management (SIEM) Market

The Security and Information Event Management (SIEM) market is undergoing transformation, fueled by continuously evolving IT infrastructure: cloud computing, mobility, virtualization, and other business drivers. Traditional SIEMs no longer meet the growing needs of security pros who face new and emerging threats. So what does the future of SIEM technology look like? This article discusses […]

Exploiting the New Distributed Workforce Economy

Organizations have noted the widened gaps in IT visibility since remote work became the norm – now it’s time to react. Read on this article to learn how unified endpoint security (UES)/unified endpoint management (UEM) can help detect and prevent these pandemic-related threats. This article demystifies the new attack surface created by an organization’s entire […]

Cybersecurity News Headlines Update on September 09, 2020

Security and Assurance portion of Operation Warp Speed consisting of people from DDS, NSA, FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Health and Human Services, running behind the scenes for months to provide cybersecurity advice, guidance, and services to pharmaceutical companies developing a vaccine or working on manufacturing and distribution, as well […]