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Strategies to Streamline Business Efficiency Through Conversational AI and Intelligent Process Automation

How to implement conversational AI and process automation in the right way to deliver maximum value to your business

Due to advancements in automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and natural language processing, companies can design cost-effective digital experiences. For example, customer communication with chatbots is increasingly mirroring in-person encounters with employees, where information is meaningful and helpful to the customer.

However, for AI to be effective, companies are challenged with improving integration and connectivity touchpoints along the customer journey.

In this article, we outline strategies for using conversational AI and intelligent process automation to improve the customer journey from the website and mobile app, to the contact centre and back-office.

Strategies to Streamline Business Efficiency Through Conversational AI and Intelligent Process Automation

Read on this article to receive insights on:

  • Digital-first customer experiences that increase satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Solutions for faster handling times that stand out from the competition and improves the agent experience.
  • How to achieve a significantly lower cost-to-serve with AI and automation technologies.

How will AI change customer engagement at your company?

“A majority of executives report an uptick in revenue using AI, and 44 percent say AI has reduced costs.” – McKinsey & Company


Up until now, success with artificial intelligence (AI) in the contact center has been elusive for many companies—despite all the hype. While many executives report that they are investing in AI and automation initiatives—including chatbots and natural language self-service applications—few are achieving the digital transformation goals they imagined.

In a recent McKinsey & Company Global Survey, three quarters of respondents said they had started to automate some interactions with AI and process automation—but most said they failed to meet expected targets. Are your company’s AI efforts delivering value to your business?

Let us show you how to implement conversational AI and process automation the right way—driving maximum value to your business. You’ll learn the following:

  • Common pitfalls to AI and automation success… and how to overcome them.
  • Real-world use cases of Conversational AI and automation in action.
  • How to reduce the time it takes to complete customer processes by 50 percent or more—by applying automation across the customer journey.

The Problem

Today’s CX leaders and contact center managers have real opportunities to automate interactions across the customer journey using artificial intelligence (AI) and process automation technologies—from the initial point of contact to final resolution.

The problem of unhappy customers

In particular, natural language, conversational AI applications combined with CX process automation solutions are opening up new possibilities for digital customer engagement with the website, contact center and back office — reducing handle times by 50% or more and assisting agents when live support is needed.

By removing manual tasks and speeding resolution across the end-to-end customer journey—including in the contact center and companywide departments—companies can optimize the customer journey in a whole new way, with zero disruption to their current contact center infrastructure.

A common example: New customer on-boarding. For many companies—both small and large—managing this critical customer journey can involve several steps across multiple interaction channels, resulting in a time-consuming and potentially costly process.

The problem: From the initial point of contact, the journey is often disconnected for both customers and agents, making it inefficient to complete common tasks and processes. If live support is needed, customers often need to start the customer journey over.

In the end—whether it’s new customer onboarding, product returns or another customer process—a lack of interaction efficiency and connectivity across channels and company departments can lead to lower service levels, higher costs, and a negative customer experience.

The Solution

The unique combination of conversational AI and intelligent process automation can help companies more efficiently manage digital interactions from the website and mobile app to the contact center and back office—while always providing transparent access to live support.

The solutions for happy customers

For example, today’s innovative companies are using AI to authenticate customer ID and determine intent at the initial point of contact—in a natural language, self-service mode. From there, integration to company knowledge bases and intelligent process automation can be applied throughout the customer journey, enabling customers to complete most interactions in full self-service, over the channel of their choice. If help is needed, seamless integration with the contact center and back office can connect customers to agents with a complete context of previous interactions and suggested next best actions.

Applying conversational AI and automation across the end-to-end customer journey delivers benefits for your customers, agents and the business, including:

  • Digital first customer experiences that increase satisfaction and loyalty
  • Faster handle times that stand out from the competition—and improve the agent experience
  • A significantly lower cost to serve with AI and automation technologies

When done right, the integration of conversational AI and intelligent process automation solutions has the potential to deliver big financial returns for your business!

Implement a digital first CX strategy

Design and orchestrate “digital first” customer experiences that aim to resolve the majority of your interactions in a fully personalized, natural language self-service mode. Engage and serve customers with digital agents in the channel of their choice—web chat, messaging platforms, voice calls and mobile app—while always providing a transparent connection to customer service agents if live support is needed.

Automated end-to-end tasks and processes

By analyzing manual tasks and common processes end-to-end—like onboarding customers, answering product questions or handling returns—companies can automate support for customers, contact center agents and back office employees. For maximum impact, look across the end-to-end customer journey. In many cases, integrated AI and automation solutions can complete both frontend and back-office customer processes without the need for live support.

Keep current contact center infrastructure in place

Leveraging APIs and today’s open, cloud-based solutions enables companies to quickly implement cutting-edge AI and automation solutions—on top of current contact center and communications infrastructure. Easily integrate new and powerful automation capabilities into your CX strategy. Extend your current contact center investments—no contact center refresh needed. Deliver a modern, digital first experience for your customers and agents.

How It Works

  • Customer engages Spitch digital agent over web chat or voice call.
  • The solution uses Spitch’s conversational AI and voice biometrics to automate verification of customer ID and determine intent.
  • The solution uses AI and machine learning to determine next best actions.
  • The solution uses QuandaGo process automation to complete requests & close tickets 60-70% of the time without a live agent.
  • When live support is needed, the solution uses QuandaGo intelligent routing to connect customers to the right contact center agent or back-office employee with complete context to resolve the interaction

Automate the Returns Process

Automate the Returns Process

Automate Insurance Policy Renewals

Automate Insurance Policy Renewals


In conclusion, using conversational AI and intelligent process automation can dramatically improve the customer journey by creating a more seamless, personalized experience from the website and mobile app through to the contact centre and back-office. By combining the two technologies, organizations can create a seamless customer experience that is efficient, personalized, and cost-effective. As customer expectations continue to rise, companies must continue to use AI and process automation to create a satisfying customer experience and remain competitive.

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