5 Ways to Improve Supply Chain Resiliency in the First Mile

With the recent focus on distribution, fulfillment, and the last mile, back-office functions have suffered in terms of investment and technological process. Organizations that fail to address issues in the first mile are setting themselves up to overspend while losing to the competition. In this article, discover tips on building better resiliency in the first […]

Understand Renewable Energy and Emissions to Become More Sustainable Value Supply Chain Partner

More and more of the world’s largest corporations are taking a broader look at their environmental impact. As a result, many are now focusing on emissions in their supply chain. Suppliers who commit to best practices in sustainability, energy, emissions, and resource usage could see new opportunities. In this article from Enel X, you’ll find […]

The ROI of automated SAP change management – Building the business case

For businesses in today’s digital economy, automating SAP change management processes is essential for success. Discover how to use predictable costs and know baselines to build a compelling business case to automate your SAP change management processes and quickly realize value from your SAP investment. Managing SAP change effectively comes with a cost whether you […]