Best Practices to Manage and Improve Productivity of Anywhere Workforce during COVID-19 Pandemic

New Approaches To Managing Anywhere Workers, For Better Productivity Now And In The Future. Best practices are emerging to empower the anywhere workforce and to ensure not just continuing but improved productivity for your entire organization going forward in 2020 and beyond. The spring 2020 COVID-19 crisis saw many people scrambling to facilitate business continuity […]

Rapid Application Development In Action – How Mitsubishi’s Rocla Delivered 3 Month Mobile App Project in 2 Weeks

An in-depth look at how a Mitsubishi subsidiary cut their 3-month customer service app project into 2 weeks with AppGyver’s low-code platform. Application users and IT leaders agree that enterprise apps are overly complex—and that it crushes productivity. We’ll highlight many of the challenges of delivering enterprise mobile apps and how a low-code platform helps […]