Salesforce Certified Administrator ADM 201 Exam Questions and Answers (6)

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Question 591: The Account owner, Opportunity Owners and case owners:

A. Has to be the same user
B. Has to be from the Same Profile
C. Has to be from the same Role
D. Can be different Userscorrect

Question 592: What is true about a Role?

A. Controls the level of visibility that users have to an org. data
B. Role is required while creating Record types
C. A user must be associated to one role
D. A user may be associated to one role
E. A user can only have one role

Question 593: What is True about the Role Hierarchy

A. Controls data visibility
B. Controls record roll-up forecating and reporting
C. Not necessarily the company org. chart
D. Controls Read / Write and Transfer Rules for each useR

Question 594: Which of the following components is displayed only if the record in the detail view has associated records?

A. List view
B. Mini Page Layout
C. Console layout
D. Mini View

Question 595: Which of the following components inherits the record type and profile associations, related lists, fields, and field access settings from its associated page layout?

A. Console layout
B. Mini Page Layout
C. Detail View
D. Related Objects

Question 596: What happens when an email is sent to a customer from a case?

A. Case hierarchy is reset
B. Case escalation is reset
C. Case escalation rules are deleted
D. Case assignment rules are deleted

Question 597: What objects are cases related to?

A. Accounts
B. Forecast
C. Contacts
D. Campaign

Question 598: Why would you use early triggers?

A. To escalate a case according to a time zone
B. To allow notification before a case actually escalates
C. To escalate any case within a period
D. To send an auto response email to customers

Question 599: If using Customizable forecasting there is a seperate forecast role hierarchy

A. True
B. False

Question 600: How many roles can you create for your org?

A. 200
B. 300
C. 500
D. No Limit

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