Salesforce Certified Administrator ADM 201 Exam Questions and Answers (6)

The latest Salesforce Certified Administrator ADM 201 certification actual real practice exam question and answer (Q&A) dumps are available free, which are helpful for you to pass the Salesforce Certified Administrator ADM 201 exam and earn Salesforce Certified Administrator certification.

Question 511: What is a Dashboard made of?

A. Tables
B. Summary Reports
C. Charts
D. Gauges

Question 512: What is one advantage of Salesforce CRM?

A. Companies can seamlessly integrate their servers to Salesforce database for faster performance.
B. Companies only need to maintain a compatible browser and a reliable internet connection.
C. In house Servers can be acquired cheaper than normal
D. None of the above
E. All of the above

Question 513: Mail Merge is available in which Salesforce Editions?

A. All except Professional
B. Professional and Enterprise
C. Professional, Developer and Enterprise
D. Enterprise and Developer only
E. Developer, Enterprise and Unlimited only
F. All editions

Question 514: If the System Administrator set a user to create only a certain record type, this user’s ability to view other record types is affected.

A. True
B. False

Question 515: What is the maximum number of values you can have in a picklist?

A. 500
B. 250
C. 600
D. 1.000
E. 2.000

Question 516: When converting a lead, what values are transferred to the opportunity?

A. Amount = Lead Amount
B. Close Date = Today
C. Close Date = Last day in fiscal quarter
D. Stage = First stage in list

Question 517: What is the maximum of time triggers per Workflow Rule?

A. 5
B. 10
C. 15
D. 20

Question 518: Salesforce is which of the following:

A. Salesforce Automation
B. Marketing Management
C. Customer Support Management
D. Campaign Management

Question 519: Which of the following relationships are correct?

A. Lead, Contacts, and Opportunities can be associated to only one Campaign
B. Leads and Contacts can be associated to several Campaigns, but an Opportunity can have only one Campaign
C. Leads and Opportunities can be associated to several campaigns, but Contacts can only have one Campaign

Question 520: A Workflow Approval process may be used for all of the following objects EXCEPT:

A. Opportunity
B. Users
C. Assets
D. Contracts

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