Salesforce Certified Administrator ADM 201 Exam Questions and Answers (6)

The latest Salesforce Certified Administrator ADM 201 certification actual real practice exam question and answer (Q&A) dumps are available free, which are helpful for you to pass the Salesforce Certified Administrator ADM 201 exam and earn Salesforce Certified Administrator certification.

Question 541: Record types are not availble in___________.

A. Developer Edition
B. Enterprise Edition
C. Unlimited Edition
D. Professional Edition

Question 542: What is Partner Portal? Choose 2 answers:

A. Use your company logo on a Partner Site
B. Develop Partner Application on Platform
C. Data goes into your Salesforce objects through a third party site
D. Create Interactive Communities
E. All of the above

Question 543: Following are the Custom Business Objects EXCEPT:

A. Use builder to build your own objects
B. Standard Objects
C. Capture key, related information that applies to your business
D. Correlate to tables in the database
E. All of the above

Question 544: A Profile can have many users, but a user can have only one profile.

A. True
B. False

Question 545: You CANNOT delete standard fields but you can remove non-required standard fields from a page layout

A. True
B. False

Question 546: Reports and views are not renamed based on the new label value

A. True
B. False

Question 547: Custom Picklist fields can be either controlling or dependent fields

A. True
B. False

Question 548: Maximum number of values allowed in a controlling field is:

A. 500
B. 100
C. 300
D. 200

Question 549: Multiple record types may be created for every tab, with the exception of

A. Home
B. Accounts
C. Forecasting
D. Opportunity
E. Reports

Question 550: A Record Owner has the following privileges:

A. View and Edit Capabilities
B. Transfer Capabilities
C. Deletion Capabilities
D. Import Leads Capabilities
E. Import Opportunity Capabilities

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