Over 500 CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam Questions and Answers

Question 401: After deployment of a second network link to load balance the network traffic, the quality of voice calls degrades. The network administrator discovers the voice packets are arriving at uneven intervals that cannot be handled by the voice application buffer. Which of the following actions will improve the quality of the voice calls?

A. Control the attenuation of the non-voice traffic across the network links
B. Control the latency of traffic across the network links
C. Control the EMI of the multimedia traffic across the network links
D. Control the jitter of the affected traffic across the network links

Question 402: Which of the following protocols is used to transport outgoing mail across networks?


Question 403: A network engineer at a large company is restricting Internet browsing on the corporate WAN to only business-related external websites. Which of the following is the BEST solution to achieve this goal while avoiding the need to configure this restriction on each PC?

A. Web application firewall
B. Content filter
D. VPN concentrator

Question 404: The process of searching for open or weakly secured wireless networks in a geographic area is known as:

A. phishing.
B. social engineering.
C. war driving.
D. an evil twin.

Question 405: A request is made to open an additional port on a firewall. The request is approved, and the port is opened. Which of the following BEST describes this process?

A. Standard operating procedure
B. Process management
C. Project management
D. Change management

Question 406: A network technician notices that switches of the same model have different commands and security features while administering them. Which of the following hardening techniques should the technician perform on a regular schedule to ensure all switches have the same features and security functionality?

A. Change the default credentials.
B. Verify the firmware file hash.
C. Disable unused switchports.
D. Apply patches and updates.

Question 407: A SAN serves out storage to a company’s virtual environment and provides low-level disk access. The company wants to use its existing IP network and equipment to access the virtual disks. Which of the following network connection types would BEST accomplish this task?

A. InfiniBand
C. Fibre Channel

Question 408: A network technician has implemented ACLs to limit access to cloud-based file storage. Which of the following security mechanisms has the technician enforced?


Question 409: A network technician receives a call from a user in the accounting department stating that Internet connectivity has been lost after receiving a new workstation. No other users in accounting are reporting similar issues. The network technician is able to ping the machine from the accounting department’s router, but is not able to ping the machine from the IT network. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause?

A. Incorrect default gateway
B. Duplicate IP address
C. Misconfigured OSPF
D. Improper VLAN assignment

Question 410: A network technician is troubleshooting an issue and has established a theory of probable cause. Which of the following steps should the network technician take NEXT?

A. Test the possible solution
B. Question the users
C. Determine what has changed
D. Document the theory

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