Over 500 CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam Questions and Answers

Question 381: A technician needs to add ten additional Ethernet ports to a small office network. A new basic function switch is added. Hosts connected to the new switch are unable to see any computers on the network other than those connected to the new switch. Which of the following should the technician perform to ensure the hosts on the new switch can communicate with the existing network?

A. Replace the new switch with a hub to ensure Layer 1 connectivity on the new network segment.
B. Move the straight-through Ethernet cable connecting the switches to the first port on both switches.
C. Connect the switches with a cable that has a TIA/EIA 586A wired connector end and a TIA/EIA 586B wired end.
D. Add a second cable connecting the switches for redundancy and disabling STP on both switches.

Question 382: When deploying UTP cables in a networking environment, which of the following are acceptable standards? (Choose two.)

A. 10Base2
B. 10Base5
C. 10GBaseT
D. 1000BaseLX
E. 1000BaseSX
F. 1000BaseT

Question 383: A technician is investigating an issue related to a single host that is unable to access the Internet. The technician records the following information: Host IP The network IP address range on the DHCP server is with a default gateway and a DNS of Which of the following should the technician perform to troubleshoot the issue?

A. Change the IP scope on the DHCP server to a public IP address range.
B. Perform a traceroute command to identify the router that is not functioning.
C. Verify the host has physical connectivity and is on the correct VLAN.
D. Configure the DNS address in the DHCP scope to a address.

Question 384: The corporate head office has assigned the subnet of to a network technician. The technician wants to create subnets for the finance department, human resources, and IT. Given the following device counts:
Finance: 70 devices
Human resource: 38 devices
IT: 16 devices
Which of the following outlines how the technician should allocate the address space given?

Human resource:

Human resource:

Human resource:

Human resource:

Question 385: A network administrator wants to ensure all traffic is inspected and abides by the AUP, and that malicious traffic is stopped. Which of the following features should be enabled on a firewall to meet this requirement?

A. Intrusion detection
B. Proxy service
C. Dynamic DNS
D. Content filtering

Question 386: Which of the following BEST describes the functionality of the root guard feature on a switch?

A. BPDUs entering the root bridge are ignored.
B. The STP root bridge cannot be changed.
C. Broadcast storms entering from a root port are blocked.
D. Loop protection is enabled on the root port of a switch.

Question 387: A network technician works in a large environment with several thousand users. Due to the needs of the organization, the network manager has asked the technician to design a solution that accommodates the data needs of all the users, while keeping all data on site. Which of the following solutions should the technician implement?

A. SaaS
D. IaaS

Question 388: Which of the following can be used to prevent unauthorized employees from entering restricted areas?

A. Sign-in sheets
B. Video cameras
C. Motion sensors
D. Swipe badges

Question 389: A company has decided to allow certain users to work remotely by opening up a VPN connection through the firewall. The security policy has been updated to allow VPN connections only from certain users and to specific areas on the network. Along with configuring the correct policies on the firewall, which of the following also needs to be configured on users’ mobile devices to allow these VPN connections?

A. VNC application
B. Kerberos
C. Geotagging application
D. Credentials

Question 390: A network manager is concerned about visitors taking advantage of open cubicies at a company’s facilities. Which of the following would mitigate this issue?

A. Create a VLAN for all unused switchports.
B. Implement a DMZ for all external services.
C. Implement root guard on all switches.
D. Create a honeypot to attract attackers.

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