Over 500 CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam Questions and Answers

Question 251: A large company uses an AAA server to manage network device access. The engineers can use their domain credentials to access all other servers. Currently, the network engineers cannot access the AAA server using domain credentials, but they can access it using a local account. Which of the following should the engineers update?

A. Host-based firewall settings
B. TACAS+ server time
C. Server IP address
D. DNS SRV record

Question 252: A network technician has been asked to install an additional switch in an IDF, but all of the single-mode fiber is in use between the IDF and MDF. The technician has deployed new transceivers that allow for the use of a single fiber stand, providing the additional fiber needed for the new switch. Which of the following has the technician deployed?

A. 1000BaseLX SFP
B. Duplex GBIC
C. Duplex SFP+
D. Bidirectional SFP

Question 253: A network technician has purchased a 10GBase-T switch and wishes to connect it to 30 computers with 10GB network cards. The computers are 225ft (69m) away, and all need to establish a 10 Gbps connection to meet business requirements. To minimize costs while still meeting these requirements, which of the following cable types should the technician choose?

A. Cat 5e
B. Cat 6
C. Cat 6a
D. Cat 7

Question 254: A technician is configuring a new email server and needs to modify DNS records. Which of the following records should the technician update to ensure email functions as expected?


Question 255: A network administrator is adding a new WAN circuit from the ISP to a new building. In which of the following locations would the network administrator find the utility entry point?

B. Data tier
D. Demarc

Question 256: The help desk is receiving reports of intermittent connections to a server. A help desk technician suspects the server is unable to establish a three-way handshake due to a DoS attack. Which of the following commands should a network administrator use to confirm the help desk technician’s claim?

A. nmap
B. arp
C. tcpdump
D. dig

Question 257: A technician discovered a company computer had a virus but was unable to remove it. The technician decided to erase the hard drive to eliminate the threat. Which of the following policies did the technician violate?

A. Data loss prevention
B. Incident response
C. Asset disposal
D. Acceptable use

Question 258: A network technician is troubleshooting an issue routing TCP packets to an email server. At which of the following OSI layers is the issue occurring?

A. Layer 1 –Physical
B. Layer 3 –Network
C. Layer 4 –Transport
D. Layer 7 –Application

Question 259: A vendor is installing an Ethernet network in a new hospital wing. The cabling is primarily run above the celling grid near air conditioning ducts and sprinkler pipes. Which of the following cable types is required for this installation?

A. Plenum
C. Single-mode
D. Cat 7

Question 260: A bookstore uses a Faraday cage to comply with credit card regulations. Customers report that their cellular phones have no signal when they are in the bookstore. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

A. The Faraday cage is creating interference within the bookstore.
B. The Faraday cage prevents access by redirecting signals.
C. The Faraday cage is creating latency on the cellular network.
D. The Faraday cage is creating attenuation of the cellular network.

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