Over 500 CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam Questions and Answers

Question 221: A client requests a new dynamic address and receives a response from two DHCP servers. Which of the following addressing information would the client use?

A. The IP addressing information received last
B. The IP addressing information from the highest server MAC address
C. The IP addressing information from the highest server IP address
D. The IP addressing information received first

Question 222: A technician is preparing to dispose of old network devices. Which of the following policies and best practices would outline procedures for removing sensitive information and configurations from surplus equipment?

A. System life-cycle procedures
B. Off-boarding procedures
C. Safety procedures
D. Appropriate use policy

Question 223: Ann, a network technician, is told to disable unused ports on a switch. Another technician tells her the policy is to move those ports into a non-routed VLAN and leave them enabled. Which of the following documents should Ann use to ensure she is employing the correct method?

A. Inventory management
B. Wiring and port location
C. Configuration baseline
D. Standard operating procedure

Question 224: A company is experiencing exponential growth and has hired many new employees. New users are reporting they cannot log into their systems, even though they are on the same network. The technician can see physical connectivity to the network switch along with their MAC addresses. Which of the following should the technician check NEXT?

A. VLAN routing
B. Server-based firewall configuration issue
C. Patch cable type
D. DHCP scope availability

Question 225: A network technician is installing and configuring a new router for the sales department. Once the task is complete, which of the following needs to be done to record the change the technician is making to the company network?

A. Change management
B. Network diagrams
C. Inventory report
D. Labeling report

Question 226: A customer has submitted a request for a new wireless connection in the main office so visitors can reach the Internet to check their email. The customer is concerned about security and does not want visitors to be able to access the internal finance server. Which of the following BEST describes the correct configuration?

A. The LAN and WLAN should be configured in the same zone with dynamic DENY ALL rules.
B. The LAN and WLAN should be configured in the DMZ so traffic is denied automatically.
C. The LAN and WLAN should be marked as trusted during work hours and untrusted during off hours.
D. The LAN and WLAN should be configured in separate zones with a firewall in between.

Question 227: A network topology requires a switch to be placed in an unsecured location. Which of the following techniques should be used to prevent unauthorized access? (Choose two.)

A. Disabling unused ports
B. Upgrading firmware
C. Using secure protocols
D. File hashing
E. MAC filtering
F. Configuring a honeypot

Question 228: A network technician is assisting a user who has relocated to a newly constructed office space. The user has no network connectivity. A cable tester was used on the port and is reporting that the pairs are open. Which of the following should be used to remedy this problem?

A. Loopback adapter
B. Tone generator
C. Multimeter
D. Punchdown tool

Question 229: Before upgrading the firmware on several routers, a technician must verify the firmware file received is the same one the vendor provided. Which of the following should the technician use?

A. 3DES encryption
B. SSL certificate
C. Digital signatures
D. MD5 hash

Question 230: Which of the following is the MOST secure type of remote administration?

A. SSH over IPsec client-to-site VPN
B. RDP over SSLv2 HTTPS terminal services gateway
D. Telnet over PSTN

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