Over 500 CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam Questions and Answers

Question 111: At which of the following OSI model layers would a router operate?

A. Physical
B. Network
C. Transport
D. Data link

Question 112: Which of the following backup techniques is used to capture all the data that has changed since the last full backup?

A. Incremental
B. Replica
C. Differential
D. Snapshot

Question 113: A technician is troubleshooting a workstation’s network connectivity and wants to confirm which switchport corresponds to the wall jack the PC is using. Which of the following concepts would BEST help the technician?

A. Consistent labeling
B. Change management
C. Standard work instructions
D. Inventory management
E. Network baseline

Question 114: A new building needs to be joined to an existing network, but management has decided that running fiber is too expensive. Since the buildings are about 1000ft (305m) apart, the IT department has been asked to propose alternatives. Which of the following is the BEST device to add to each building to facilitate the extension of the network while meeting budgetary demands?

A. Switch
B. Router
C. Media converter
D. PRP wireless

Question 115: A junior network technician is working in the field and needs to connect to the company’s remote server, however, doing so will require the junior technician to use the public Internet. Because security is a concern, which of the following is the BEST method to use?

A. Telnet

Question 116: A home user has purchased a new smart TV to stream online video services. The smart TV is unable to connect to the wireless network after several attempts. After returning from vacation, the home user tries again and can connect the TV to the wireless network. However, the user notices a laptop is no longer able to connect to the network. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

A. The DHCP scope has been exhausted.
B. The security passcode has been changed.
C. The SSID is hidden.
D. The AP configuration was reset.

Question 117: A security guard notices an authorized individual, who is dressed like a lab technician, has entered a secure area of the hospital with a large group. Which of the following security attacks is taking place?

A. Evil twin
B. Social engineering
C. Insider threat
D. Phishing

Question 118: A network technician has recently installed new VoIP phones at all employee’s desks to support a new SIP cloud VoIP solution. However, the technician is unable to make a call from the device after testing. Which of the following should the technician verify? (Choose two.)

A. TCP 443 is allowed.
B. UDP 1720 is allowed.
C. UDP 5060 is allowed.
D. UDP 5061 is allowed.
E. TCP 8080 is allowed.
F. TCP 8181 is allowed.

Question 119: Which of the following would allow a network technician to access files on a remote system? (Choose two.)


Question 120: A technician set up a new SOHO network recently. The installed router has four Ethernet ports, however, the customer has seven devices that need wired connections. Which of the following should the technician do to BEST meet the customer’s requirements?

A. Install a six-port switch.
B. Configure port forwarding on the router.
C. Install WAPs near the devices.
D. Configure the switchports as EtherChannel ports.

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