VMware Certified Professional 6 – Network Virtualization NSX v6.2 (2V0-642) for VCP6-NV 2020 Exam Questions and Answers

Question 21: Activity Monitoring has been enabled for a host with several virtual machines. However, only one virtual machine appears in the list.

Which two additional configuration steps are required to allow the other virtual machines on the host to be selected? (Choose two.)

A. Guest Introspection driver must be installed.
B. Virtual Machine Data Collection must be enabled on the other VMs.
C. NSX Manager must be linked to Active Directory.
D. Guest Introspection appliance must be deployed on the host.

Question 22: A customer has Cisco Nexus 1000V switches in their environment and is looking at deploying NSX. Which statement is correct?

A. The environment must be migrated from the Nexus 1000V to vSphere Distributed Switches.
B. The environment must be configured for VXLAN over the Nexus 1000V.
C. The environment can use the Nexus 1000V switches for the NSX deployment.
D. The environment must be migrated from the Nexus 1000V to vSphere Standard Switches.

Question 23: Which two networking and security components are contained in the backup configuration data of an NSX Manager backup file? (Choose two.)

A. vSphere Distributed Switch
B. Resource Pools
C. Edge Services Gateway
D. Grouping Objects

Question 24: If the Applied To scope is set to Distributed Firewall, which virtual machines will have the firewall rule applied?

A. Only the virtual machines defined in the Source field.
B. Only virtual machines defined in the Destination field.
C. All virtual machines in a Datacenter.
D. All virtual machines on prepared hosts.

Question 25: The user at can reach the physical router but CANNOT reach edge-2 or any virtual machines.

What routing change would resolve the issue?

A. Enable Default Originate on edge-2 for OSPF.
B. Configure static routes on the physical router.
C. Enable route redistribution on edge-2 between both routing protocols.
D. Enable Default Originate on edge-2 for BGP.

Question 26: What vSphere Distributed Switch security policy allows virtual machines to send frames with a MAC Address that is different from the one specified in the vmx file?

A. MAC Address Changes
B. Failover detection
C. Forged Transmits
D. Promiscuous Mode

Question 27: In a Cross-vCenter implementation, where is the Universal Control Cluster deployed and configured?

A. In each vCenter instance associated with the Cross-vCenter implementation.
B. In each prepared NSX cluster associated with the Cross-vCenter implementation.
C. In every vCenter instance associated with an NSX Manager.
D. In the vCenter instance associated with the Primary NSX Manager.

Question 28: Which highly available Edge design would provide high bandwidth and isolation to four application networks?

A. Four Distributed Routers (standalone mode) with one Edge Services Gateway in Active/Standby mode.
B. One Edge Services Gateway in ECMP mode.
C. One distributed Router (in HA mode) with two Edge Services Gateways in ECMP mode.
D. Four Distributed Routers (in HA mode) with one Edge Services Gateway in Active/Standby mode.

Question 29: An administrator is deploying NSX to secure the virtual environment. NSX Manager has been deployed and registered with the vCenter server.
Which additional step is required before the distributed firewall is functional?

A. Deploy the NSX Controller cluster
B. Enable Guest Introspection
C. Perform host preparation on the cluster
D. Configure VTEPs on each host

Question 30: An administrator has been asked to provide single failure redundancy. What is the minimum supported number of NSX Controllers needed to meet this requirements?

A. 2
B. 3
C. 1
D. 5

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