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[Solved]: How do I crop and trim video On iPhone 11 without using third-party app

The content is incredible, the lighting on the video is also great, and it was a rare moment. The video you have just taken on your iPhone 11 is almost perfect, except a small annoying thing appears at the bottom of the screen or the upper part.

[Solved]: How do I crop and trim video On iPhone 11 without using third-party app

You wish there was a way to get rid of the unwanted part of the video without installing the third-party app. How do I crop and trim video on iPhone 11? This article will show you the way. It’s easy, simple, and fast.

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How To Crop Video On iPhone 11
How To Trim Video On iPhone 11

Many video editing apps on the App Store offer various tools and features. This can be confusing when trying to find the perfect one. Before you decide which app you will install on your iPhone 11, ask yourself what exactly you need from that app? Do you need to install a third-party app? If the only thing you want is to crop and trim video on iPhone 11, the editing tools on the Photos app can cover it.

How To Crop Video On iPhone 11

Step 1: On your iPhone 11, tap the Photos app and find a video you want to crop.

Step 2: Tap the Edit option on the upper right corner of the video screen to open the editing screen.

Step 3: The editing tools are placed at the bottom of the screen. There are Video, Adjust, Filter, and Crop options from left to right. Choose the Crop button.

Step 4: Tap the Aspect ratio button on the upper right corner of the Crop screen. Choose the preset crop you want or select FREEFORM to crop the video manually.

Step 5: Tap Done to finish the cropping process.

How To Trim Video On iPhone 11

After cropping the video, you now have a perfect video frame. It’s time for the trimming process to eliminate the unnecessary part at the beginning and end of the video. Sometimes, you trim the video to get a shorter duration as well.

Step 1: Let’s start on the Edit screen. Select the video option at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Move the left handle to cut the video at the beginning and the right handle to trim the end.

Step 3: Tap the Play button to preview. When you feel it’s perfect enough, tap Done.

Step 4: A prompt will appear with two options. Choose Save Video if you think it’s perfect enough and don’t need to keep the original video anymore. If you select Save Video to New Clip, you will have two videos on the Photos app. The trimmed version as a new video and also the original one.

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