How to Fine Tune, Speed Up, and Improve macOS Performance Without Third-Party App

MacBook and iMac require regular maintenance to continue to perform well. Old, outdated or removed/uninstalled programs leave behind traces of code, apps that force to startup automatically always caused on and consumed additional memory. Caches keep backing up will slow down the macOS’s performance. This article outline top macOS maintenance methods to help MacBook, iMac, […]

State of Enterprise: Mac Security

How do organizations assess their current security state to know where they stand? What factors go into selecting the right tools? Offering employees top-of-the-line technology is the foundation for building a thriving enterprise — and it’s truer today than ever before. Since the onset of COVID-19, we have seen shifts worldwide from onsite offices, devices […]

Apple Releases New WatchOS to Prevent Battery Drainage

Whatever gadget it may be, when it comes to Apple, we can expect only excellence. And, there’s nothing wrong with high-expectations as Apple delivers the highest performance, incredible security parameters, along with the amazing user-friendly ambience. But, glitches might occur unintentionally. That’s what happened with the Apple Watch series. Recently, Apple has launched Apple Watch […]