[Solved] How do I Fix iPhone/iPad/iOS Keyboard App Missing, Not Appearing, Lag, Stuck, Frozen, or Not Working Properly

Is the iPhone/iPad on-screen keyboard not showing when you tap on the text field or does it disappear randomly? On-screen keyboard is not working properly and behaving weirdly including keyboard lag, types on its own, or dismiss randomly, etc.? On-screen keyboard issues on iPhone/iPad commonly happen after software update and mostly happen to those users […]

How to Fine Tune, Speed Up, and Improve macOS Performance Without Third-Party App

MacBook and iMac require regular maintenance to continue to perform well. Old, outdated or removed/uninstalled programs leave behind traces of code, apps that force to startup automatically always caused on and consumed additional memory. Caches keep backing up will slow down the macOS’s performance. This article outline top macOS maintenance methods to help MacBook, iMac, […]