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Phosphorus Iranian APT

Updated on 2022-12-12: Phosphorus APT brazenness

Researchers with Team Cymru say that even if one of their servers was exposed in a CISA alert in September, Phosphorus, an Iranian threat actor group, has continued to use it for subsequent attacks throughout October and November 2022. Read more:


Microsoft is warning about Iranian APT group Phosphorous, which is know to quickly adopt new vulnerabilities into its toolchain. They say the main workflow is to look for internet-facing flaws in Exchange, Fortinet, log4j, to use those to scan the network and collect credentials, and then to establish persistence using scheduled tasks. From there they’ve been seen asking for an $8,000 ransom around 2 days after digging in. Read more: Microsoft Warns of Ransomware Attacks by Iranian Phosphorus Hacker Group



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