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Cobalt Mirage APT sub-group Cluster B used Drokbk malware

Updated on 2022-12-12: Cobalt Mirage APT sub-group

Secureworks researchers have published a technical analysis of Drokbk, a new malware strain used by what the company calls Cluster B, a smaller sub-group of the larger Cobalt Mirage Iranian APT. Secureworks researchers say Drokbk is deployed post-intrusion as a persistence mechanism and that the malware uses GitHub for command and control. Read more:


Several local U.S. governments had their networks targeted with the new Drokbk malware, reportedly used by Iranian threat actor Cobalt Mirage after abusing the Log4j vulnerability. Read more: Local governments allegedly targeted with Iranian ‘Drokbk’ malware through Log4j vulnerability

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