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What Does Organic SEO Mean?

Websites are built without:

  • Keyword Stuffing: Repeating keywords excessively to trick the search engine algorithms.
  • Hidden Text: Blending text in to the background so its seen by search engines but not humans.
  • Cloaking: Showing a different version of your website to search engine than humans see.
  • Thin Content: Shallow content written only for search engines that lacks value or substance.
  • Duplicate Content: Repeating the same content on multiple pages to increase page view.
  • Doorway Pages: Page optimised for one keyword intended only to direct users to a different page.

What Does Organic SEO Mean?

Websites are promoted without:

  • Paid Links: Buying links is strictly prohibited and will likely result in a ban from Google.
  • Paid Blog Posts: Paying to put a post on someone else’s site and including full-follow page rank passing links.
  • Link Spam: Dropping links on blogs and forums often with highly targeted anchor text like “luis vuitton bags 2013.”
  • Links Exchange: Interlinking between 2 or more websites; “I’ll link to you if you link to me.”
  • Link Farms: Acquiring links from site networks built with no other purpose than to link to other non related websites.
  • Automation: Using tools to trick search engines in to believing content was created or posted by a real human.

Organic VS. Non-Organic

100% Organic SEO: Mean 100 percent of the SEO process is organic using hand crafted Google compliant techniques. Results are earned and long lasting.

  • Human: Organic SEO process powered by humans for humans. Rewarded by the search engines.
  • Safe: Organic SEO is 100% Google compliant and safe from penalties.
  • Long lasting: High quality organic SEO results stick for a long time.
  • Useful: Informative content is valuable to real users not just search engines.

Manufactured SEO: Uses paid or automated tactics to manipulate the results and against Google’s Term and Conditions. Results are bought and short term.

  • Automated: Manufactured SEO uses automation tools to replicate the work of real people. Tries to trick the search engine algorithms.
  • Dangerous: Against Google’s Terms and Conditions. May result in ban from search results.
  • Short term: May get quick results but rarely lasts once the algorithm detects the manipulative tactics.
  • Spammy: Manufactured low-grade content serves little or no value to real people.

The Organic SEO Process

Website is optimised for users and search engines

Code optimised so that it is easily readable by search engines and user experience optimised for visitors enjoyment.

High quality content posted to the website

Fresh content added that is engaging, relevant to users search queries and worthy of ranking. Search engines aim to rank the best content.

Promotion on other web properties

New website content is announced on other relevant web properties attracting visitors and search engines. Quality content gets shared and links are earned. Earned virtual endorsements tell search engines your site is valuable and worthy of ranking.

Why does organic cost more?

Organic SEO is hand crafted by real humans

High quality content takes longer to research and prepare and is labor intensive. The results are far stronger and more long lasting.

Organic SEO is free of shortcuts

SEO done the organic way does not use software to replicate a human being. Contrary, automated SEO is against Google’s terms and is very dangerous.

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