AI-900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals Exam Questions and Answers – Page 1

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Exam Question 61

In Azure Machine Learning Service, a Cloud based data and storage and compute resource that professionals can use to run data experiment code at scale

Correct Answer:
Data and Compute Managment

Exam Question 62

In Azure Machine Learning Service, professionals can define these to orchestrate model training, deployment, and management tasks

Correct Answer:

Exam Question 63

This service provides an application programming interface (API) that developers can use to create anomaly detection solutions

Correct Answer:
Anomaly Detector

Exam Question 64

This involves training a machine learning model to classify images based on their contents

Correct Answer:
Image Classification

Exam Question 65

When machine learning models are trained to classify individual objects within an image, and identify their location with a bounding box

Correct Answer:
Object Detection

Exam Question 66

Is an advanced Machine Learning technique in which individual pixels in the image are classified according to the object they belong

Correct Answer:
Semantic segmentation

Exam Question 67

A solution that combines machine learning models with advanced image analysis techniques to extract information from images that could help catalog the image or give descriptive captions

Correct Answer:
Image Analysis

Exam Question 68

This is a technique used to detect and read text in images.

Correct Answer:
Optical Character Recognition

Exam Question 69

In Azure Machine Learning Service, This service analyzes images and videos and extract descriptions, tags, objects, and text

Correct Answer:
Computer Vision

Exam Question 70

In Azure Machine Learning Service, this service is used to train custom image classification and object detection

Correct Answer:
Custom Vision