Over 300 CompTIA IT Fundamentals ITF+ FC0-U61 Exam Questions and Answers

Question 331: Of your internal network connection options, which one can provide the fastest speeds?

B. Fiber
C. Infrared
D. 802.11n

Question 332: You have decided to retire to a remote mountain cabin and write books. You need an Internet connection to send material to your publisher. What is the option most likely to work for you?

B. Cable Internet
C. Dial-up
D. Satellite

Question 333: You are connecting to an email server to download email. Which of the following protocols is your computer most likely using? (Choose two.)


Question 334: What command would you use on a Mac to determine your TCP/IP configuration information?

A. ifconfig
B. ipconfig
C. ipinfo
D. tcpipconfig

Question 335: By definition, what is an SSID?

A. A wireless network name
B. A wireless network security protocol
C. A wireless network security password
D. A wireless network authentication method

Question 336: When configuring a wireless router, which of the following should you always do? (Choose two.)

A. Enable DHCP.
B. Change the SSID.
C. Change the admin password.
D. Configure the firewall.

Question 337: Which of the following allows for the FASTEST printer connections?

A. Bluetooth
C. Parallel
D. Serial

Question 338: When setting up a workstation, which of the following should be configured during the initial OS setup wizard?

A. Additional software
B. Date and time settings
C. Peripheral devices
D. Security software

Question 339: A user is setting up an older wireless access point that has only WEP for encryption. Which of the following additional steps will help to secure the network? (select TWO).

A. Disable SSID broadcast
B. Refresh the MAC address
C. Filter the MAC address
D. Refresh the IP address
E. Use CAT6 cables

Question 340: An RoHS label on hardware indicated which of the following?

A. The hardware produces EMI when used
B. The hardware is certified to be energy efficient
C. The hardware provides battery backup for power outages
D. The hardware needs to be properly disposed

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