Over 300 CompTIA IT Fundamentals ITF+ FC0-U61 Exam Questions and Answers

Question 291: What should you do before attempting to set up a new computer system?

A. Verify that the computer is concealed within a desks compartment and out of sight.
B. Verify that the environment is suitable and that the installation will be safe.
C. Verify that the computer cables are loose and free of any bindings.
D. Verify that the computer cables are loose and free of any bindings.

Question 292: What shows the structure of code without using the specific syntax of any one language?

A. A Variable
B. Pseudocode
C. A Function
D. Conditional Statement

Question 293: What systems use a Central Processing Unit (CPU) and memory?

A. All Types of Computers
B. Servers Only
C. Desktops Only
D. Laptops Only

Question 294: What type of component provides persistent storage?


Question 295: What type of gesture is typically used for zooming on a touchscreen?

A. Slide
B. Tap-and-Hold
C. Pinch
D. Swipe

Question 296: Which notation system supports presenting the largest numbers using the fewest digits?

A. Hexadecimal
B. Decimal
C. Binary
D. Kilobyte

Question 297: Which of the following BEST describes an application running on a typical operating system?

A. Processing
B. Thread
C. Function
D. Task

Question 298: Which of the following configuration changes does NOT reduce the attack surface?

A. losing unnecessary network ports
B. Configuring data backups in case ransomware encrypts the file system
C. Disabling unused OS features and services
D. Removing unwanted and unnecessary software

Question 299: Which of the following is an advantage of using a 64-bit operating system compared to a 32-bit operating system?

A. Ability to recognize an SSD
B. Ability to obtain an IPv6 address 3
C. Ability to utilize a larger amount of RAM
D. Ability to add two or more drives

Question 300: Which of the following statements regarding Windows 8 are true? (Choose two.)

A. Traditional applications can be pinned to the taskbar.
B. Toolbars can only be added to the Start screen.
C. Modern apps can be pinned to the taskbar.
D. Similar to tiles on the Start screen, desktop icons can be dragged to new locations.

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