Over 300 CompTIA IT Fundamentals ITF+ FC0-U61 Exam Questions and Answers

Question 211: Which of the following will allow a user to move a file from one folder to another using the LEAST number of steps, while ensuring that the file is removed from its original location?

A. Open the file from its original location, save it to the new location, and delete it from the original location.
B. Cut the file from its original location and paste it to the new location.
C. Rename the file in its original location to a name that is not already taken in the new location.
D. Copy the file from its original location and paste it to the new location.

Question 212: Which of the following permissions is required to run a .bat file?

A. Delete
B. Execute
C. Write
D. Modify

Question 213: After initial OS and application installation on a laptop, an application warns that it will only work 24 more times. Which of the following should be done NEXT?

A. The application has to be registered to the user.
B. The application must be upgraded to a 64-bit version.
C. The application must be activated.
D. The application needs to be reinstalled.

Question 214: An employee’s new computer came with a free 30-day trial version of antivirus software. The employee’s company provides enterprise antivirus software from a different vendor. Which of the following should the employee do in order to use a full version of antivirus software?

A. Enter the company product key for the antivirus software, enabling the full version.
B. Uninstall the current version antivirus software and install the company version.
C. Verify Internet connectivity and run online virus scanning software.
D. Update the trial antivirus software to the latest version.

Question 215: A user has finished setting up a new computer. Now the operating system requires activation, but the user discovers the computer has no Internet connection. Which of the following should the user do FIRST?

A. Contact technical support.
B. Reboot the computer.
C. Check the Ethernet cable.
D. Review manufacturer’s website.

Question 216: Which of the following is a feature of a basic power strip?

A. Protects against lightning strikes
B. Provides multiple outlets for power
C. Generates power for devices
D. Provides battery backup for devices

Question 217: Which of the following should be performed after a backup has been completed?

A. Delete the backup
B. Verify the backup
C. Save the backup
D. Schedule the backup

Question 218: A user has downloaded an application file with the .dmg file extension. Which of the following operating systems can be used with this file by default?

A. iOS
B. Windows
C. Mac OS
D. Chrome OS

Question 219: By default, which of the following types of operating systems can automatically detect a user’s location while the user is traveling in a bus?

A. Server
B. Desktop workstation
C. Virtual server
D. Mobile

Question 220: A user had to replace the hard drive in a computer. The user would like to install the games that came with the computer but were not installed as part of the initial OS setup wizard. The user can install the games by performing which of the following?

A. Schedule automatic updates.
B. Enable installed OS features.
C. Update hardware drivers.
D. Reinstall productivity applications.

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