Over 300 CompTIA IT Fundamentals ITF+ FC0-U61 Exam Questions and Answers

Question 191: Which of the following protocols is used to secure communications between sender and receiver?


Question 192: Which of the following connections provide data with the MOST secure protection from interception?

A. Wired
B. WiFi
D. Cellular

Question 193: When setting up a new workstation, which of the following should be configured during the initial OS setup wizard?

A. Additional software
B. Date and time settings
C. Peripheral devices
D. Security software

Question 194: Which of the following is the BEST reason to backup data?

A. To ensure data encryption
B. To ensure data stability
C. To ensure data security
D. To ensure data availability

Question 195: Which of the following is a safety feature of cloud-based backups?

A. Incremental copy of data
B. Local copy of data
C. Offsite storage of data
D. Full backup of PC data

Question 196: A technician is setting up a computer that was shipped. After everything is plugged in, the computer will not turn on. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST to identify the issue?

A. Check for physical damage on the computer.
B. Search for a solution on the Internet.
C. Reference the manufacturer’s documentation.
D. Ensure the power supply is set at the correct voltage.

Question 197: Ann, a user, wishes to free space in her documents folder. Which of the following is the BEST characteristic to sort by in order to ensure that the most space is freed by deleting the least amount of files?

A. Date modified
B. File path
C. Size
D. Extension

Question 198: Where can a user find the latest updates, upgrades, or firmware for an electronic device that the vendor supports?

A. Internet search engine
B. Internet forum
C. Technical community groups
D. OEM website

Question 199: When applying ergonomics to a workstation area, which of the following are the MOST important to consider? (Select TWO).

A. Proper sitting position
B. Amount of time computer will be used
C. Clarity of the display
D. Proper keyboard and mouse height
E. Number of speakers in sound system
F. Brightness and contrast of the display

Question 200: An RoHS label on hardware indicates which of the following?

A. The hardware produces EMI when used.
B. The hardware is certified to be energy efficient.
C. The hardware provides battery backup for power outages.
D. The hardware needs to be properly disposed.

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